In The Beginning

In The Beginning

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I was just a simple student way back years ago. More focused on academics, my daily tour was just from point A to B: home to school, vice versa. Not fond of visiting malls or other places, since the family’s budget was strictly for school and home expenses. I rode jeepney and tricycle on a daily basis. Not until I entered college, when I needed to travel for 1.5 hours by riding a bus.


Traveling from our home to Manila was a challenge for me, at first. I am not that confident to go to a place which is kilometers away from my comfort zone. College life made me overcome this problem. When I became familiar with the jeepney routes and streets near the university, I gained confidence to travel. In fact, due to our subject necessities, wherein we need to go to a place for our study, I enjoyed traveling with my classmates and few group of friends without any fear. The point-A-point-B routine before was abolished by college life.


In the latter part of my college days, field trips were a requirement. Really excited, I admit. We stayed for a night in Mt. Banahaw, we spent 4 days 3 nights in Ilocos region. An achievement for me because those were the days that I spent nights with classmates and professors away from our homes. These activities fired up my interests in traveling. I realized all the learnings that I can get while wandering.


When I started to work for a living after college days, I earned all my spare money to travel. It just started from nearby towns, nearby cities, then selected provinces. With the help of other officemates, I achieved to reach some places with minimal expenses. From there, I realized the importance of number of persons in a trip. Good for sharing expenses, most importantly, sharing of experiences.


I am just a simple traveler. I do not allocate lots of money to travel.  No sponsorships so far. I manage it wisely so that it will be a win-win situation: enjoying a place without breaking the wallet. I joined group tours. I gained friends. Truly, traveling will impart lessons in your life, which are more important than any amount of money.


People, I am a Filipina traveler. Raised from Bulacan, works in the heart of Metro Manila. I visited some of the islands of my country: farthest in North, so far, is Ilocos region, and farthest in South, yes, so far, is Negros Oriental. My first and recent trip abroad was in Singapore. You may say that I just visited few places up to this moment, but there’s more in the bucket list! My mission is to spend spare days of my life traveling with my loved ones, so that I am not the only one to witness the beauty of each paradise, and to share to the world all my experiences in traveling.


Together, let’s enjoy and explore

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engineeregine travel blog images

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