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A Mother's Dream

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I've always wondered what really make someone's happiness. Not the superficial or the shallow kind of happiness. When I was younger I was fascinated by travel books, travel blogs, travel shows and always eager to read about cultures, heritage and architecture. 

My family and I travel most of the time in Philippines specially on summer vacations so my kids can join in. But I was still longing for more extreme adventures so, 

Then I decided that reading wouldn't satisfy me anymore, I need to travel. 2014 I went to Hongkong and Shenzen China. It was my first time abroad and was like a happy little girl so naive but not afraid. And that was the start, since then on I can't help myself everytime I see a seat sale I was like too hungry for more, Hongkong again, lol China, Macau, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia. And soon I'm doing the Indochina, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia. 

This is is my first time writing, I apologize for any wrong grammar, Hahahaha. 

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A Wanderlust travel blog images

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