BORACAY: An Island Paradise

BORACAY: An Island Paradise

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Boracay Island / Photo Credit: Joseph Bacalso

One of the best islands in the Philippines is Boracay Island. It was known to many may it be to locals or foreigners that this island has powdery white sand and irresistible torquoise clear water. It was once my dream to set foot on this island but little do I know it came true.

Photo Credit: Joseph Bacalso

We booked a promo flight from Cebu Pacific Airlines Cebu-Caticlan route. It was a Piso Fare promo back then when it was still a craze. Our schedule was very early just so we won't waste half a day of our planned tour. To make the long story short, we then boarded the plane and off we flew to the Island Paradise -- Boracay.

We arrived at the island just before the sun radiates scorching heat. For our 2 days stay, we settled in at Nikko's Beach Resort in Station 3. There are two single beds in one room but can fit 2 petite ladies in one bed. The room rate was very affordable if you are in a group and the room is just right for the rate but as for me, the room is more than what I expect; not quite choosey for as long as I can keep my valuable things in a clean, safe and sound place.

Strolling / Photo Credit: Joseph Bacalso

No time wasted, we then went down to stroll the island shores from Station 3 going to the best station of the island -- Station 1. As we go strolling, a lot of tour operators flocked to offer various island activities and we made sure that we will get the cheapest but has a very good deal and indeed we found one.

Just to inform you guys, we went to Boracay on the first week of June, not on a peak season that's why island activity packages are cheap and tour operators are flocking because tourists are minimal on the island during that season. The chosen operator offered us a P2,500.00 ($49) package that consists of five (5) island activities.These activities are as follows:


Photo Credit: Joseph Bacalso

Parasailing alone is priced at P2,500 ($49) per person on peak season. This activity alone can burn a hole in your pocket that's why we got the best deal ever. Come to think of it, the rest of the activities are all free of charge. LOL.

Photo Credit: Joseph Bacalso

We were transported by a speedboat to the middle of the sea where a standby boat was situated. My first time to ride a speedboat. Life vests are available as soon as you sit on the boat.

Once on board at the standby boat, the crew/s will put on the safety gears needed before take off. One parasailing ride can accommodate 1, 2, or 3 people.

When the safety harness is all set the three of you will be positioned in the three swing-like seaters attached to the parachute. Once you're settled a brief reminder of the do's and don'ts for you just in case you don't want to consume the 15 minutes parasail ride. If all is well then you are all set to parasail.

Slowly by slowly, the crew unspooled the rope and the parachute glide as to the direction of the wind.

As the boat drove off, higher and higher my travel buddies soar high swinging their legs as the wind blew and feeling the cool breeze up high.

And our turn has come. I am an acrophobic by nature and I am proud to say that I was able to conquer that fear. Honestly, my legs were shaking and every time I looked down negative thoughts came rushing to my mind and a lot of "what if's". But the ride was so worth it. You can have a clear 360-degree vision of the entire island. One of the many firsts on this island that I can never forget.

Photo Credit: Joseph Bacalso

Aerial View of Boracay Island while having the Parasailing ride. While on the air, I always thought of "what if I fall down", "what if a bird will fly across us and hit our parachute". LOL. Those were just two of the "what if's" that crossed my mind.


Photo Credit: Joseph Bacalso

Another first for me was the Helmet Diving. After the above sea level sightseeing, it is now time to see the underwater world. From the standby boat of the parasailing, we were transported to another standby boat for helmet diving. While on the boat a briefing of the pros and cons of diving and what to do when something went wrong by using hand signals. A licensed professional diver will assist the visitors from the boat down to the seabed. The diver will also take videos and photos underwater for free but sadly our copies (CD) got busted. I can only share a photo of my travel buddies that went down ahead of us since they brought a go pro with them just to give you an idea of how magnificent the underwaterworld is. While I was on the seabed, I kept turning my head from left to right mindful for a sudden attack of the shark. LOL. A little bit scary but it was totally FUN feeding the fishes.

Updated Price
1,500 PHP per person


As I've said I have a lot of firsthand experience on this island. One of which is the Banana Ride. It was so fun that we wanted to have a second ride but we need to shell out 300 PHP from our respective pockets since it will not be part of the package anymore. It was a fun 15 minutes water ride. As a Thalassophile, it was the best and it shows in this photo.

Updated Price:
300 PHP / per person


My first time to do an ATV ride. This is the flat oval ground -- the starting point of the one hour and thirty minutes ride before heading to a thrilling adventure in the Northern coast of Boracay Island. Good for one person and the actual cost is 1,250 PHP.


A 15 minute ride of the side-by-side sky cycles that nestled 15 feet high above the ground. The screeching sound of the cycle from the winding trails made it a little scary but it was worth the try. It's 90 PHP per person per ride.

After the cycling, we spent the rest of the day at the art museum,

enjoying the Happy Dreamland Themed Park,

and visiting the mini bird zoo.


After all the fun activities we returned to Station 1 and settled ourselves on the shore waiting for the sun to set.

Few minutes of waiting the sun showed up with its radiant orangy rays that gave us a beautiful horizon. I can sit on the shore the whole time just by watching the sun goes down. It amazes me every time on how nature is always at its best. In every beach trip, I always find time to witness a new day and how it ends because every sunrise and every sunset is different in each day; that's the wonder of nature.


I like how Boracay transform at night. It's a sleepless island. The best time to chill, sit back and relax.

You can see firedancers in any way you glance. You can hear loud music from resto bars and diners. 

I was just wondering why after all the tiring activities of the day you never feel tired at all when you're on the beach. Right after the sunset watching, we then prep ourselves for a night stroll.

Since we were famished we checked on some diners that will suit our budget and appetite. So glad we found one.

After our tummies are full we head back to Station 2 to witness the well-known Dancing Chefs of Boracay. Their sways and grinds while cooking made them famous on the island. Such great cooks and good dancers!

Along the way, we passed by to this beautiful sand art. There is a fee if you're going to have a selfie on it but I manage to steal a shot without myself. That's okay.

To end our night, we decided to chill in one of the resto bars -- The Epic Grill. We ordered sets of light beer and made a toast to an epic adventure.

And here are the proof of our epic Boracay adventure and we call it a night.

We made use of the remaining time on our last day on the island by simply taking some snaps and having fun in the sands.


Photo Credit: Joseph Bacalso

It has been a great journey to one of my dream island destinations. Forever I will cherish the memories made in Boracay Island and grateful for Cebu Pacific Air for the Piso Fare and for bringing the M-Group safe and sound to and fro.

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