Canon Printer Setup : Welcome! - 2022

Canon Printer Setup : Welcome! - 2022

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The Canon ij printer is a complete solution for multiple works that you can easily understand how to set up by visiting and have a better experience. This is the official support online site that provides you Canon product manuals online as well as information on functions and additional features. What's more on the site is the download and installation steps for Canon IJ setup which is necessary for the full Canon set up process. Check out the additional steps below.

Create the Canon inkjet printer - ij.start cannon
Follow the most used and simple instructions to begin setting up your Canon IJ printer. Check below for more details;

Open your system for example, a laptop or PC.
Connect Canon printer inkjet to the system either cable or wireless (If you own a Wireless Canon device)
Third, start a web browser (default or another) and enter or ij.start.cannon in the address search bar.
Click enter, and wait for the Canon website to load. This will guide you through various steps.
Select the Configure option and open a new window to ask for the model number.
Enter the Canon Model number. Then, then press Enter and then download the software.
Complete Installation Guide for ij.start.cannon
Follow the guide below and setup your Canon printer;

Download software - Go to for the download of this driver. Canon driver.
Install and Select connection type Double-tap on file and select wifi or USB connection.
Turn ON the Canon printer - Press the button to turn on the printer.
Connect WiFi - To establish an internet connection, press on and hold down the alarm until you connect.
Green and blue lamps flashing If you notice this issue, it's likely the printer is connected to WiFi.
You agree to the terms and conditions of install and install. Read and accept the terms of the licence agreement that Canon established for the purpose of installing.
End this step to set up your Canon printer - Select Complete to complete the last step.
How to Set Up Canon IJ Printer With USB -
If you're unable to find your Canon printer after navigating official websites or alternative sites websites, you can make use of USB for setting up the Canon IJ printer. Additionally, you can go to ij.start.cannon for help;

Make sure you have a USB cable.
From the web browser you can go to the website and click connect to the network via USB.
Then wait till you receive the Canon software to connect the printer to your PC via an USB cable.
Select Next and download the driver for your printer . Also, verify if you'd like to connect your printer to a specific network.
After that, tap YES and then press the Complete button. Then, jump to the Add printer option.
Tap Add and download a driver from site.
Now, go to Device settings, then LAN settings, and then select the connection.
Install Canon drivers, cartridges for inkjet printing and verify the connection for your device.
Set up the Canon printer . Try printing.
IJ.Start.Canon Printer Setup for Windows (Wireless)
Here's how to connect your IJ Start Canon Printer to a Windows PC wirelessly:

In the very beginning, you must download and install the driver for the printer on the website '
In the next step, it is necessary to turn the power on to your Canon printer and make sure that it's properly plugged in with your power button.
Then, navigate to the Download folder and double-tap on the downloaded file of driver setup to launch it in Windows.
Click on the "Next" button until you see the option "Wireless Setup".
Choose the "Wireless Setup" option, open your Canon printer screen, and tap on the "Wi-Fi Setup" button.
After that, go to the device settings and tap the "OK" button.
Then, choose Device Settings > LAN Settings within the following sequence, and then click"OK" to confirm the "OK" option.
Next, select LAN Settings > Wireless LAN Setup and press "OK". After that, your printer will search for the access point.
Verify that your WiFi router is switched on. If it's on the flash lamp will turn on in the printer.
The list of networks will appear on your screen from which you have to select the Wi-Fi network from the given list and then press "OK."
Then, you'll be asked to enter the security code WPA/WEP (Wi-Fi password). Input the correct password into the appropriate field, and then click "OK."
In a matter of minutes within a few minutes, your printer will connect to your Wi-Fi network.
Congratulations! Congratulations! Your Canon IJ printer has been wirelessly installed on the Windows system. The printer is now in good shape to print high-quality prints.

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cannonstart travel blog images

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