Yui's Fairy Garden in Jagna, Bohol

Yui's Fairy Garden in Jagna, Bohol

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We actually wanted to visit the Lonoy Spring, but it seems that the locals drained the water from their natural pool so that they can clean the spring. So we thought it was an epic fail adventure,but by accident we found this little Garden just beside the spring. We go there early (they open at 9am and we arrived at 8:30am) and thank God they still let us in with a fee of 30 pesos only. What's inside is that they have a swimming pool in which the water is also fresh from the spring, (with some processing but not like the typical swimming pools) that is why you can still feel the coldness of the water. Their garden is still in the level of improvement so you can just see some plants cultivated in a wire to train the plants in their desired designs and cute chairs at the side. Just a tip, You must bring your own food because there is no available canteen or store in the place( it is somewhat like a private property of a couple and its their house), chairs and tables are already visible near the pool. No swimwear prescribed so you can enjoy it in any outfit that you are wearing!

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