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Okay so, I repeat myself a lot. I get that. I'm so passionate about something that I reinforce my point. A lot. Today I wanted to switch it up and make it a bit different. Dreams, I always say to go for them and to make sure that you let nothing stop you and a lot of what goes through my head. However, I also just wanted to point out one thing to everyone reading...

If you have no clue what you want in life, where you're headed and just take each day as it comes - that's fine. Because, sometimes when you're always dreaming like me, it's hard to distinguish reality from the vision you have in your head.

But, don't worry. Because a time will come when you either just decide 'you know what, this right here what I'm doing right now (traveling, fitness, writing, photography, dancing) this is my calling' or you say 'my dream isn't some big extravagent plan although I'd really like to (learn to play an instrument, learn to surf, learn to cook)'. Your dreams, thoughts and plans are yours for the taking. No matter how big or small; they're yours and no one can tell you otherwise.

So, what I say today is that, if you have a huge plan of what you want that includes plan A,B,C and D and you have thought up the majority of scenarios of this plan in your head (I'm quite a weird kid okay) or if you have a simple goal that you try to achieve little-by-little OR if you really are just happy where you're at and want to take each day as it comes... that thought process and way of wanting to live is yours, and yours to embrace.

Because at the end of the day, we're all different - yet all equally entitled to do one thing. Dream.

Thank you,
Holly Alyssa :)

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One 'notice' is that I forgot what I usually call this section haha. Announcements? I forgot. Anyway - nothing new to announce. I use Musical.ly a lot now to post my weird side that probably doesn't come across in my blogs so if you search 'AlyssaTortuga' on the Musical.ly app you'll find me! Adióssssssss

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WorldByHol travel blog images

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