5 Ways to Travel When You Are Broke

5 Ways to Travel When You Are Broke

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Travel is essential not only to indulge one’s curiosity about the world, but to invigorate yourself and your soul. In one way or another, it helps you disconnect to connect better with yourself as a form of introspection. Unfortunately, while traveling and seeing the world may seem like an exciting and enthralling prospect, traveling would cost us a lot of money that we need to save months prior to making a trip.

Well, luckily for us (and thanks to cheap airfares), traveling on a budget is now possible and all the countries you have longed to see is now within your reach. However, do note that this requires a bit of compromise and creativity on your part. If seeing the world is truly what your heart desires, forget about staying in five star hotels and eating in expensive restaurants. If you are on a budget, certain concessions have to be made. But once you experience the rewarding breathtaking excursions, you would see how worth it they all are. Here are some of the ways you can travel when you are constrained by a budget:

1.) Couch surf
Instead of booking hotel accommodations, find a cheaper alternative by couch surfing. For an incredibly minimal fee, some homeowners have offered their couch space for travelers to crash into whenever they are traveling from point to point. So, if ever you might be visiting Cebu or elsewhere, opt to crash someone’s couch in avida towers cebu or elsewhere.

2.) Seek cheap destinations

Do not be picky and pick budget backpacking destinations. Countries like Nepal, India, Vitenam and Thailand are all places where you can truly stretch your money and maximize your stay. Sure, the flight might seem a little pricey for your taste but once you are there, you would be surprised at the myriad of affordable alternatives there are from accommodations to food.

3.) Travel on off-peak dates
If you do not wish to wait for airline promotion sales, you can opt to travel on off peak dates in order to save more on your airline ticket. Alternatively, you can also make use of applications such as Adioso and Skyscanner which allows you to check the cheapest airline flights on the date you wish to travel. Moreover, it also looks for the cheap places to fly into and the best times to travel.

4.) Travel light

Bring with you only what is absolutely necessary so as to avoid checked in luggage fees. Some airline carriers might give you baggage allowance, but they usually cost more. Low-cost carriers on the other hand would cost you for a lot cheaper, but you can only have one hand carry luggage. Sure, it might be difficult to imagine carrying only one bag but it is very much possible. Moreover, it would expedite the entire process of your travel—and you have less to stress about.

5.) Get used to discomfort but treat yourself once in a while

Traveling on a budget is not the same as traveling on a vacation so expect to experience discomfort every now and then. Remember, if you really wish to see what the world has to offer, you need to brave what makes you uncomfortable—especially when you are traveling on shoestring. However, this does not mean you have to live on bread and cup noodles for the duration of your trip, treat yourself every now and then as well.

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