7 Travel Tips for Foodlovers While you Visiting Montenegro

7 Travel Tips for Foodlovers While you Visiting Montenegro

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Montenegrins are known for being foodies. Iconic in its blend of Mediterranean and Central European tastes, the food there is really exceptional. Montenegro attracts visitors for a variety of reasons, but many come just for the food. If you’re a hearty eater and you’re visiting Montenegro this summer, here are some tips for you!

Try the local cheese
The majority of Montenegrin farmers have made their living for centuries by producing and processing milk. As a consequence, Montenegrin cuisine has a wide variety of dairy products. In terms of popularity and quality, the most popular cheeses are Njeguski, Lisnati, and Prljo. The cheese from Montenegro is best enjoyed with a glass of red wine, a piece of ham, and some olives. There’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with the local culture after trying your first cube of the local cheese. If you’d like to come back to this scenic country and experience their cheese as often as you wish, you can choose to invest in property there. Montenegro Prospects is an experienced Real Estate Agency that will help you find the best long-term home. This will allow you to try out all the wonderful foods this country has to offer without a hurry.

Don’t miss out on ajvar
Ajvar is more than just a condiment in the Balkans; it's an integral component of local cuisine. The key ingredient is a special kind of fresh red pepper, but the spices used can vary from region to region. To make Ajvar, the peppers must be grilled, peeled, and stewed with a variety of herbs and spices for a long period of time. Ajvar's versatility is a big part of why it's so popular as it can be enjoyed as a salad, sandwich spread, or delightful addition to a meat-based meal.

Vegetarians will have a tough time
Meat is one of the crucial parts of Montenegrin cuisine which is why those who don’t eat meat will have a tough time finding vegetarian versions of the local dishes. Even if the recipe doesn’t include meat, it may be fried in lard or use eggs. Your best bet while staying there would be vegetarian sarma or many types of local salads and cheeses. 

Seafood lovers will love buzara
This traditional Montenegrin meal includes a variety of seafood, generally prawns, although it may also be made with squid or fish. The red buzara utilizes red wine and tomato whereas the white buzara uses white wine for the signature sauce.

Discover as many restaurants
Though Montenegro is quite a small country, it is best explored by car. You don’t want to be confined to only one tourist city. Therefore, travel by car when in this gorgeous coastal country. If you don’t have access to your own car, renting is always an option. This way you’ll be mobile enough to explore most of the country and its lovely vineyards, restaurants, and hidden gems.

Restaurant culture is a bit different
Visiting local as many local restaurants as possible should be on your bucket list while in Montenegro. However, be wary that you will get your bill immediately with your order. If you opt for more food or beverages, the waiters will keep delivering extra bills. That's something to keep in mind. They don't expect you to pay the bill or bills until you finish the meal but don’t be surprised when you get the bill at the same tie as your hearty plate of sarma.

Cevapi are the finest option
Smoky and aromatic served with flatbread and onions, cevapi are some of the best foods Montenegro has to offer. As well as Bosnia and Herzegovina and the neighbouring nations of Serbia, Croatia, and the North Macedonian Republic, the Cevapi are immensely popular in the southern European region as a whole. Sliced onion, ajvar, and sour cream top off the entire meal. The sausages lay on a traditional flatbread called lepinja.

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