Quad biking Dubai

Quad biking Dubai

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Quad bike safari in Dubai's Persian Gulfs provided by Pathfinder welcomes you and encourages you to see the other side of the UAE by riding a quad or buggy through the strange landscapes of the beautiful desert, with panoramic views of the Arabian Desert. You get to travel around the desert with no restrictions, take any path you want (within the permitted driving area, of course), and simply have the pleasure of your life. Quad bike safari will be like a match made in heaven for you if you enjoy driving or are a big fan of racing. Furthermore, the thrill of riding in the desert is difficult to compare. It's a new kind of off-road adventure. It is the most popular among both natives and visitors to the city of Dubai. You should take extra precautions by wearing the crash helmet and gloves provided. While making your quad bike safari in the desert, you'll be able to take in the breathtaking environment.
ATV ride is one of the most popular sports activities in the Dubai sand dunes. It is the favorite adventure activity of teenagers, adults, and children who are always looking for something to stimulate in their life. The ATVs invite globetrotters to visit Dubai just to try this adventurous bike tour. The Dubai ATV ride Tour is the latest trend and takes on off-road exploration. When there are lots of sand dunes and walking through them is something that will quench your thirst for adventure and speed.

We cater to families, groups, corporate events, or a group of friends getting together for a fun day. We ensure that all security measures are taken to ensure your safety. Our experienced guides will give you safety instructions before you venture out on the ATV ride in dunes of Dubai. You must strictly adhere to the safety instructions given to you.

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Pathfinderdubai travel blog images

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