Your boyfriend uses Japanese sex dolls, what do you think? Does he still love you?

Your boyfriend uses Japanese sex dolls, what do you think? Does he still love you?

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During the epidemic, according to's big data, hair clippers and sex dolls were the top 10 "home-selling" products in sales. The sales of love dolls in Fujian and Guangdong even increased by more than 231% and 196% respectively. There was even the same scene as masks - out of stock! During the epidemic, everyone can't go out. Except for eating, drinking, and lhasa at home, it is understandable to do some shameful things. In Spain and Italy, the GMV of inflatable dolls increased by 262% and 480% respectively compared to the same period last year. Not only that, some time ago, Malaysia's Karex Bhd, the world's largest condom manufacturer, issued a warning: the global supply of condoms has decreased by nearly 50%, and the demand is growing by double digits, and the inventory is urgent, only enough to maintain 2 months!

The above data shows that in addition to clothing, food, housing, and transportation, there is also a rigid need, that is, the need for sex. But what would you think if your boyfriend bought a Japanese sex doll, not a Barbie doll, you know?

Analyze the psychology of men buying ZELEX DOll
Seek pure physical stimulation of the senses. A man is a lower body animal, the upper body loves you, and the lower body is purely physical release;
Curiosity. Occasionally see zelex doll, buy one back to satisfy curiosity;
unzip. Maybe it is not in harmony with you in some aspects, and you are not confident in yourself. Use this method to release pressure.
Have a prepared mind. Women always have a few days, or even get pregnant in October, and have a spare, Jinwu Zangjiao, not panic.
The mentality of trying new things and seeking changes. If you stay with him for many years, every time in the same place, at that time, in that style, everyone will be tired.
don't love you anymore.
Self-esteem takes a hit, and being with you is stressful.
How do women feel about boyfriends or husbands using sex products? I searched on the Internet, and the answer is probably the following: Unacceptable, no longer in a different room; do you not love me anymore;

Buy secretly, use secretly. But still make love to you.
In this case, most of them are out of curiosity. After you find out, don’t blame, communicate first, and ask, is it really easy to use, or is it fake? You can also suddenly say: "Husband, I don't mind your use, but if it doesn't work well, you should consider a real person" - in this case, I love you!
Discuss or tell you in advance, but do not use it face to face. In this case, I think it is the best one. But to analyze whether the sex life is not harmonious, or you ignore him. My advice is when you don't find out about it. Because, this is really not a cold, emotionless item that affects your feelings, if you have been told in advance, have you clearly opposed it. - In this case, I love you!
Discuss or tell you in advance and use it in front of you. In this case, most women still cannot accept it in person, and many women will be jealous. My advice is to use scissors right now, right now, in person. You can say: "It's your choice, cut out the DD, or cut out the doll"? Of course, after the punishment, you can tell him that you have no problem using it, but don't use it in person, and only use it when your mother and aunt come.
Of course, a generous woman is allowed to use it in person or even together. I admire this kind of woman so much. She must be a woman who loves her man deeply. Your husband is also grateful to you, because he does not need to cover up. Covered up. To sum it up, the situation - love you!

Pursue the thrill of big booty sex doll
Worst-case scenario: The amount of sex with you has decreased significantly, or you are ignored. That says the reason is Article 6 or Article 7. My suggestion is to communicate first and find the reason. Don't get mad. If I don't love you anymore, then I can't give you advice, and I'll find the reason. If your self-esteem takes a hit, you usually pay attention to your words. Have you ever said something similar to your husband: Why are you so fast? Why can't you? so useless? ... all you have to do is encourage, or make him pay attention to rest and exercise. This situation - does not necessarily not love you!
In short, if your man doesn't go out to find love doll and ignore you, there will be no problems in the relationship. You really don't need to get mad about big booty sex doll. Because, no one will have feelings for something that has no feelings and no temperature. In addition, due to the impact of the epidemic, many people's work and life pressure will be doubled. Don't worry about these things in vain, understand and support each other, and communicate more is the correct way to deal with it.

Finally, I wish a lover to accompany us for a lifetime, and each of us can have sex + happiness. Everyone thinks what I said is right or wrong, welcome to leave a message in the comment area, and I will answer them one by one.

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