Is Listening to Nasheeds Halal?

Is Listening to Nasheeds Halal?

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Islam is one of the strongest and lenient religions of the world. Where it is known for giving freedom to its followers in different matters, the world knows it for forbidding the individuals from the things that are susceptible to cause harm to them. Though men do not see the reason behind forbidding some things in the first go but they get the sensitivity of the matter soon.

Listening to the modern music is also one of the things Islam stops its followers from. However, it understands that a human being a weak creature is attracted towards the sounds. Hence, Islam has divided music into two categories i.e. Halal music and Haram music. Now the question that arises here is that “Is listening to nasheeds is termed halal or not?”

Is Listening to Nasheeds Halal for Muslims?
The Muslim leaders always focus on the things that Islam said good or bad for its followers. They study the reasons and explain them in easy words for individuals to understand. You can find lectures of more than a dozen Muslim scholars regarding this question. Here are some points according to which listening to nasheeds fall in the halal category.

·       It does not use any harsh language.

·       They do not depict any kind of immorality.

·       No sounds imitating the music are added.

·       The lyrics explain the glory of the God.

·       Some nasheeds do not use any kind of background music.

·       They bring Muslims closer to Allah Almighty.

·       They make the listeners aware of the teachings of Islam.

If you are someone who loves listening to Nasheeds, then keep continuing this healthy habit. It does not only serve your religious beliefs but makes you peaceful and pure as well. In order to enjoy some amazing work of music and soul, search o Google for best Nasheeds.

Nasheed Singers
The God has blessed the Muslim nation with gems in every field. The field of singing is no exception, as the nation enjoys the work of some talented young and experienced singers. Where the world is seeing some new nasheed singers entering the market every year, some singers have already made their spot in the nation.

Ahmed Bukhatir is one of the widely listened nasheed singers. Muslims all around the world love to listen to his nasheeds whenever he launches a new album. He has launched more than five albums since 2000 and is planning to launch some more albums in the coming years. The focus of his nasheeds is always glory of the God, beliefs of Muslims, teachings of Islam, modern issues and their solutions mentioned in Quran.

The way the singer sings and stays committed to his professions makes him stand out among the rest of the singers. Ahmed Bukhatir Songs are rated as one of the top nasheeds by the majority of the websites. If you are a Muslim and are looking for some music to refresh your soul, heart, and mind, then Ahmed Bukahtir’s nasheeds are the best choice for you.


هل الاستماع إلى هل الاستماع الأناشيد حلال؟

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