Hundred Islands 3/11

Hundred Islands 3/11

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We commuted to the very far Alaminos from meeting up in Victory bus Terminal Dagupan. We took 3 rides to reach our vacation destination - another Island Hopping Vacation.  We were thinking about a group package from the hotel but it's more expensive and we could only go the 3 islands.

We opted for our own trip and got the service boat so we can go to other islands besides the 3 developed ones: Governor's, Children's and Quezon Island.

We were thinking about the Para-sailing activity but it's pricey for the 15-minute ride, maybe next time during another vacation.

We visited a lot of the islands hmm I think I can remember some of the names:
Cuenco Cave
Cathedral Cave
Bat's Island

Can't really remember the names but here is a list I saw on the internet

--Carias : a nice long beach
--Cathedral : cathedral-like rock formations with a cave inhabited by fruit bats
--Children's : 3 camping areas, bathroom facilities, tent and sleeping bag rentals. Has some of the nicest views and walkways. Has 3 beaches
--Clave : has a little beach in a little inlet. Snorkeling is good here
--Devil's : has a nice beach with morning shade and the best diving spot in the park
--Duque or Roque : nice white beach 
--Governor's : one of the larger islands with a rest house for the governor. There are many steps up to a panoramic view of the islands which is well worth the effort and a beach on both sides. 
--Lopez : nice white beach but no shade
--Marcos : consists of 3 mounds and even has a helipad. The beach is difficult to land on when waves are high and there is a drop-off. From the beach, walk up to the left and along the Walkway to Imelda cave. 
--New Scout : nice small beach 
--Quezon : Largest of the 100 islands. Has canteen and pavilions for eating and cooking (grilling only) 
--Quinco or Cuenco : has 2 small, nice beaches and a café
--Raganza : has a nice white beach with afternoon shade
--Romulo : good white beach with morning shade and a small cave at low tide.
--Scout : good offshore reefs for snorkelers and divers and a nice white beach
--Shell : is broken in half and you may stand on the beach watching the waves come through into a tide pool. 

We jumped the Imelda Cave.

We smelled Bat guano and pee in a cave filled with bats sleeping.

We swam under the noon high sun, so don't wonder why I have darker skin haha. 

During that trip, I didn't look dark yet but I was red. My left arm and face were so red it hurt. My lips also were painful and cracked. I always seem to have this when I go swimming at the beach. 

When I got home, that's the only time that my skin reacted from the sunburn. At least my face is already peeling  :P

The accommodation was alright, they were nice. The only thing I didn't like is that they don't have phones in the room.
I mean if you want room service, you have to text the front desk.
They didn't respond the first time so we just went to the lobby for any assistance.

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