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Just wait. Just wait. I've been waiting for hours now by this dusty roadside. Matatus pass I by, tankers honking. Occasionally a bus will stop and the ladies scramble to sell their water and snacks. A fella calls me njerri, and them wamboye- I think one of them is slightly rude, but generally it's just friendly banter. The shuttle driver assured me this was a quicker route but its been 3 hours now. 

I'm ushered onto a bus, a big bus. I think I've been ripped off as there's no way this would cost sh1300. Still, at least the Windows are open and its direct to Kakamega. If direct means going in the opposite direction for half an hour before turning back. I arrive at night. Some guy on the bus feels it's appropriate to give me his number after exchanging a couple of words in the dark. (Fyi, it's not) it's pitch black and my bag is thrust towards me, (thank fuck) we seem to be in a back alley somewhere, so I'm thankful a pikipiki wants to overcharge me to get to a taxi rank. A journey that should have been sh250 is sh2000. I'm almost in tears. I listen politely to my guesthouse introduction but all I want to do is go to bed. I'm wishing I hadn't come to this place.

Disappointment happens on travels, sometimes frequently, and you need to know how to deal with it. You can justify it, (maybe the driver didn't know how long the wait would be) rail against it, (fucking twat!) Make the best of the situation, (look at that sunset though) put it down to experience, (I won't do THAT again!) or chuck it in the fuck it bucket. Sometimes it's helpful to do all of these things, anything except let it consume you.

I woke up this morning to a chorus of birds, feeling fresh and positive. Today is a new day full of potential.

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Nearwild Helen travel blog

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