Cupcake 2048 - An addictive game that you don't want to miss

Cupcake 2048 - An addictive game that you don't want to miss

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Many modern online games are played via the Internet, and others need simply a web browser to play. Casual gamers (especially those over the age of 40) who play fewer video games may like some of the more basic internet games because of their simplicity.

Since the first days of time-sharing and networked computers, online games have been a part of popular culture. Early commercial systems like Plato were as least as renowned for their games as they were for their instructional content. Back in 1958, the oscilloscope at Brookhaven National Laboratory was the star of Visitor's Day, while in the 1980s, Maze War at Xerox PARC pulled in crowds as a hands-on demonstration.


The basic 2048 game uses just numbers as tiles. For its part, the Cupcake 2048 board game pairs together images of cupcakes with the corresponding tile numbers. The game will appeal to foodies of all kinds because of the adorable cupcakes' eye-catching visuals.

According to the number of calories they contain, each cupcake will be ranked from highest to lowest in ascending order. Adding two similar cupcakes together results in a cupcake that has a greater caloric content. Creating the eponymous Rainbow Cupcake is the game's ultimate goal (5000 Kcal). There is a desire to produce every kind of cupcake.

The game is renowned for being a terrific way to pass the time and is quite addicting. Some players may find it difficult to understand the game, but it is really rather straightforward. You'll be amazed at how engrossing something so basic can be. Start playing Cupcake 2048 right now.


All devices, including laptops and tablets, are compatible with this program.

Scores are stored in the background automatically.

UI that is easy to use

There are 13 distinct kinds of cupcakes.


Cupcake 2048 was released as free and open-source software on March 9, 2014, by an Italian developer under the MIT license.

How to play

Move the tiles by using the arrow keys.

When two cupcake tiles contact, they become one!

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2048tm travel blog images

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