NBC has made a splash with the recent revival of "Knight Rider"

NBC has made a splash with the recent revival of "Knight Rider"

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Blair Underwood is a handsome and charismatic actor, but all that charisma will be put to the test ironside review , and then "Ironside," another movie that bears little resemblance to the Source Retro revival, so much so that one has to wonder, why bother paying? royalties? Name recognition certainly doesn't give the show much of a push with the under-50 crowd, and stripped of that, this crime-by-numbers show never makes an appearance. There's a disability here, okay, but it's not about the hero of the show in a wheelchair.

NBC has made a splash with the recent revival of "Knight Rider" and "The Bionic Woman," but fearlessly, the network has released another artifact that may be more remembered from the opening credits, when Raymond S. Burr detective Robert Ironside lit a cigarette, took a bullet to the spine, and became a crime solver forced to rely strictly on his wits, with others doing the legwork for him. The show premiered in 1967 and ran until the mid-1970s.

It's a crime drama, and the dialogue is so corny, "I told you, I don't know any girls," a villain says, and it all seems cut and pasted from previous series.

The only hope of entertainment comes from Blair Underwood, who brings a few layers to the role of Detective Robert Ironside. The script conveys that arrogant genius that is always a few steps ahead of the partners and the bad guys. Some agree with the challenges of being in a wheelchair, but they are mandatory and excessive. However, Underwood handled it well and his petty influence enriched his character. We can see there's pain beneath his rudeness, especially when his ex-partner, effectively played by "The Killing" Brent Sexton, feels bad about hurting Ironside. In flashbacks, we learn about the events of putting Ironside in a wheelchair, a backstory that will likely unfold as soon as the show airs.

The 6-foot-long, 40-pound triptych core was apparently pulled from a high-rise building through a shattered glass window by someone who could fly in high winds or flash off the side of a high-rise building. He wears tennis shoes.

When Ironside & Co. was called in, there were no shortage of suspects in charge, some more obvious than others: the wealthy head of Comus Towers, the confident head of security (nobody doubted Ironside), the bespectacled art insurance expert, the expert, the genius company employee, the two-time ex-boyfriend she had an affair with, the money-hungry Italian patron of an art exhibition, and his terribly nervous young wife.

However, the sponsor soon died of cyanide poisoning, removing himself from the list of suspects, leaving Ironside with two murders to solve.

In a golden age detective novel style, the ringleader becomes proactive, rounding up all remaining suspects and setting traps according to the old divide and rule adage.

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