How to choose high-quality roller skates?

How to choose high-quality roller skates?

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Roller skating is one of the most popular children's sports now, and many kindergartens have set up roller skating classes. However, they did not systematically teach children the knowledge of roller skating, nor did they give parents the basics of buying outdoor roller skates. The more popular the sport is, the easier it is to ignore its professionalism, and the easier it is for children to suffer unnecessary injuries in sports. I have always adhered to a correct point of view: there are specialties in the surgery industry, and you must respect the specialty first in everything you do.

This time, I have the honor to invite a senior roller skating coach who has more than 30 years of teaching experience and has cultivated a large number of roller skating champions to talk about the profession of children's roller skating.
Many people think that roller skating has an impact on the development of children's ankles and knees, and may form X-shaped legs, as well as internal rotation of the femur, which is what we often call "internal eight characters". Is this statement accurate?
In fact, this situation is not caused by the sport of roller skating, but because the child's roller skates are not suitable. Many parents feel that their children's feet grow fast, so they are accustomed to buying shoes that are larger in size. However, after the child wears it, it will cause the inner ankle and inner thigh muscles to be strained during exercise, and it is easy to form X-legs over time. If you wear roller skates of the right size, it will generally not affect your child's leg shape development.
When it comes to roller skates for women, how should parents choose?
Many parents buy low-quality shoes from some sports supermarkets, online or from wholesale markets. Most of these toy shoes do not meet the standards of the Children's Design Center of the Roller Skating Association.
High-quality and low-quality roller skates all look the same, but the materials they use are worlds apart.

Take the bearings of roller skates as an example. The bearings are divided into manganese steel, all-steel, carbon steel and iron bearings. The inferior shoes use iron bearings, which cost a few cents and cents, while a good bearing is more than ten dollars. .
Therefore, it is recommended that parents not be greedy for cheap, otherwise it will damage the health and safety of their children.
How old can a child be to learn roller skating?
Normally, people over the age of 3 can start to learn basic roller skating, and training between the ages of 3-6 belongs to entertaining.
The popularity of roller skating is quite high, and it is cool to wear equipment. Is this sport especially suitable for children and can be learned?
Some people also say that it is helpful for children with sensory integration disorders to learn roller skating? Is that so?
We know that playing table tennis, badminton, etc. is called a single sport, that is, you can use your left and right hands or one side of your left and right feet. However, roller skating, skiing and swimming, these four sports, although there will be different equipment such as roller skates for men, but the same is the movement that needs to be performed on both sides at the same time, so they have the highest requirements on people's balance and coordination. Correspondingly, These exercises will also exercise children's balance and coordination.

Roller skating is good for balance, flexibility, emergency response and thinking. The balance and coordination function of the body are mainly restricted by the flexibility of the nervous system, the ability to excite and inhibit the transformation. The human nervous system is one of the earliest and fastest developing systems. Therefore, children can exercise in the sensitive period of nervous system development. The function of the central nervous system, so that the body movements are coordinated, flexible, soft and powerful.
In addition, roller skating also has the effect of burning fat and preventing childhood obesity. Therefore, I highly recommend buying a pair of high-quality roller skates for your child, which can reduce your child's injuries and increase the roller skating experience.

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