Travelling As A Couple

Travelling As A Couple

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The best thing about travelling as a couple is exactly that - having your special someone to share all of these life changing experiences with!

We both travelled separately before we met and agreed that the only thing missing was a true travel buddy. Someone to love and to create memories with. Someone to adventure alongside and someone to look back on it all with and say 'damn, look what we've done!'.

So far, in the past year, we've gone from safaris in Sri Lanka to walking into the slums of Mumbai on our own, and we're just getting started!

So we're going to give you some tips on how to fund and budget your travels as a couple.

A lot of people assume that we must spend so much travelling as a couple but actually its the opposite. We share a bed, share meals, share toiletries. We probably don’t spend that much more than the average single traveller. 

Our best advice is to take your two sets of wages but aim to spend the amount of one single person! That way the money will go a lot further.

We live cheap. We eat local. We scrimp on accommodation and we rarely treat ourselves to any presents or gifts. If you really want to travel for long periods of time you have to be tight on the coins, this isn't a holiday.

But what about starting a family you say?

We get asked this all the time, and day we will definitely start a little family! Two things we are super passionate about is kids and animals, although we can’t see either of those being introduced into our life any time soon.

We have to do everything we can before we have the pressure of feeding another belly, but when that time does come there’s no doubt we'll raise a little travel baby. Our child will be born with a backpack on his/her back and we'll continue our adventures with a third member of the team.

Remember, travelling as a couple is one of the biggest relationship testers possible.

This is something we really can’t put into words. We always say ‘couples that travel together, stay together’ and for us it couldn’t be more true.

The obstacles we face every day, from organising onward travel to late night arguments with locals, mean that we’re challenged everyday as a couple. The unfortunate scams and troubles that come with journeying around foreign countries do deliver a positive - it only brings us closer together as a team.

Another thing to note is that travelling as a couple, we don’t live normal lives! Most couples that work a 9-5 see their partner of an evening for 5 hours. We live, eat, shower and breathe together 24/7. So when the pressure gets to us we have no option but to look after each other.

Our motto?

Choose happiness! 

We don’t like to preach travel upon people just because it's our dream lifestyle. Whatever it is you want in life go chase it. If you are genuinely happy working your job then stick at it, but if you’re not just remember there’s a whole wide world out there waiting to be explored.

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Wanderers and Warriors travel blog

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hannabustillo May 11th, 2019

im inspired by you guys. hope i could find a partner who loves adventure too.
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melots12 April 27th, 2018

Nice Blog hope you can subscribe back 🙃
travel blog

nawieeeee April 8th, 2018

Im so inspired with u guys. Dreaming to have a partner who loves traveling too and just be like you ❤❤❤ thank you for sharing your story 💕

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