Dubai Budget Travel Guide

Dubai Budget Travel Guide

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Travelling to Dubai, UAE is pretty expensive especially when you're from Philippines coz it also requires visa and the plane ticket will be pricey from there but since I'm having a residency here in the middle east and considering that KD is the highest-valued currency in the world, travelling to dubai made easier and affordable for me. But I think applying UAE tourist visa in the Philippines is easy, you just have to be prepared financially.

The use of internet was very helpful and useful for me. I have found Comfort Travel And Tours that gives a visa processing services in 5 days. You also have to monitor the flight rate ahead of time so you can catch the cheapest. I took Fly Dubai which is cheapest that time although we had booked a week prior to our preferred date.

We travelled there during the end of Ramadan last June since we had holiday for 3 days. I find it inadvisable travelling there during summer for it was tooo hot and the humidity was tooo high. It's better to travel there in winter or from September to March so you can catch the best weather and you will be able to visit all the tourist destinations without struggling. Btw, winter isn't that cold, still above positive so a simple suit or a sweater will do.

I had chosen early morning flight so we can spend the 3 days wisely. I know 3 days isn't enough but we have no choice, we need to get back to work right after 😩 So the first destination we had been was The Dubai Museum. Wonder why it was one of our itinerary? Well, this is the tip in DIY Travelling since we didn't get a tour package, you need to consider the place that you're staying. The internet is very convenient to check the places where you can visit near your area and it's not that necessary to visit only those popular tourist spots.

Try to explore the places near you. Walk around, observe, discover the beauty of each places has to offer. It can still make you enjoy without burning a hole in your pocket.

When we get there, we had seen lots of Asian mostly are chinese or korean I think. I feel comfortable when I saw them that made us cooperative in taking pictures. lol 😂 Beside the museum, there is a mosque and so I thought that it was also for tourists but it isn't however we found a Hindu Temple behind. The Indians were very accomodating. We asked if we can enter and they allow us to enter inside. They even taught us what to do before entering their temple, to remove our shoes and they gave us scarf to tie on our head. Don't be surprised when you'd see lots of them all over dubai. They are everywhere like us, filipinoes 😊 Btw, dubai museum is just 10 minutes away from our hotel

We stayed in CityMax Hotel, a 3-star hotel located in Bur. I believed it was owned by a russian so it wasn't that strict. Take note that dubai is still a Muslim country therefore you still need to behave according to their culture but not that much for there are also many foreigners from Asia and Europe. There are some hotels there that doesn't allow people to stay unless they're married.

You can wear short dresses, skirts and sleeveless but Public Display of Affection is a no, no! especially in the malls or public areas.

I used in finding that hotel that costs me 600 AED for 2 nights. You can catch the cheaper rate when you booked few months before. I would rate it 8/10 for it's nice and cozy rooms but I wish they have balcony. What I love most is their breakfast buffet 😋 and their rooftop pool plus gym and they have a bar in the groundfloor so you can make the most out of your stay. And yes, there are liquors and pork meat.

Transportation isn't hard since metro subway is very accessible, it connects you everywhere in dubai. Silver card costs 25 AED for the whole day pass. Taxi is costly esp from the airport. Airport Taxi starts at 25 AED, depending on how far will be your destination and ordinary taxi from the other area starts at 12 AED. Sometimes you really need to take a taxi esp when your destination is a lil bit far from the subway otherwise you can walk if you think it's closer 😂 We haven't tried bus but I think it's easy since there are covered air-conditioned waiting sheds. You just need a mobile internet to help you find the places easier. I love to commute not just to limit my expenses but the thing is, it makes me feel more of an explorer. 😜

Going to Dubai Mall is just few stations away from my hotel. Take note if you're taking a metro going there, there's a very loooooong walkway that connects between the two so wearing a stilleto is no-good, if you wouldn't expect buying a new pair of slippers. I knew I was silly but I wasn't informed. lol 😂 So from there, you can witness the world's largest choreographed fountain system and the world's tallest building about 2,716.5 feet or 160 stories high, the Burj Khalifa. Unfortunately, we were unable to climb up at the top for there are numerous people in the whole area since it was Eid (End of Ramadan) so we'd rather watch the dancing fountain, walk around and have dinner than to fall in a very long line. There are tickets available online and that's what I failed to do. Middle range resto is around 250 AED, 3 course meal for two.

Since it was summer, we spent most of the time at the beach. Who wouldn't get amazed by the attractive beach in Dubai with the presence of the very unique structure and one of the luxurious hotels, Burj Al Arab. We've been in Jumeirah Public Beach and it was pretty surprising that it's neat. Calm turqoise sea was inviting. You wouldn't get uncomfortable tho, people can wear whatever suits them 😜 There are variety of water activities which you can try such as diving, sailing, flyboarding etc. We tried jet ski for 250 AED discounted by my fellow countryman jet ski instructor. We had taken our dinner in Mall of The Emirates which is 15 mins. away from Jumeirah Beach. There's a big man-made snow park there where you can try to ski but we haven't tried that. I prefer in a real ski park, hopefully soon, if it's God's will.

Some of my itineraries supposedly are the Miracle Garden as well as The Global Village but unfortunately it'll be available every winter, that made me feel sad a lil' bit. I wish I was informed ahead of time. But it's okay, hopefully I could get back to dubai again to witness those places especially The Palm Islands if I get enough budget for that. 😅 Btw, for me the best and cheapest store to buy for souvenirs is in Day-To-Day. It's a supermarket where almost all of the products are only for 10 dirhams. You can find all the branches in the internet. Over all stay in dubai was great except for the weather and I swear that I wouldn't get back there in June. But I admit, I loved my sun-kissed skin that time. 😅

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foxykhim April 8th, 2018

@BSmyth indeed 😉
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Dubai looks amazing! :)

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