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You know when sometimes your head feels foggy with everything that is going on in your life and you struggle to find a C L E A R   S P A C E ? Because I know the feeling and know how frustrating it can be. Everything blurs and you feel like so many pressures are mounting on top of you. Today I'm going to talk about this and how I overcome it. 

Inside my head, sometimes it gets a little loud in there what with all my dreams, plans, goals and random daily thoughts. (Did you know that flamingoes are born grey?) and sometimes it can be a little hard to be able to take a break from all of that.

But, I realized that doing this is not through fancy mindfulness or meditation (although these do help). But for me, a quick fix is to simply open my eyes. I take my phone or whatever I'm doing in that moment and I look up from it and focus on my surroundings. Breathe. 

This is probably going to sound weird but I was walking round on my phone in the streets not really caring about where I'm at and I did this trick and it was so surreal. All of the buildings that were blurs started to refocus and I noticed things that had probably been there for a long time that I hadn't noticed before haha!

From this, I learned that there is more to life than digital things like phones and computers.

With that said, thanks for reading.
Holly Alyssa :)
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WorldByHol travel blog images

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