How to print with Google Assistant in Canon Printer

How to print with Google Assistant in Canon Printer

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You can easily print with a voice command if you have a Google Home or Google Assistant-enabled device and a Canon printer model. It requires a few steps to set up the voice assistant and connect to your Canon printer. However, you’ve to ensure the current model is a wireless canon printer. With google assistant, you can print multiple color pages, notebook paper, checklist sheets, number places, and much more. You can also check the printing status with a voice assistant. Make each operation hands-free in a few steps.

To set up the Google Assistant in your canon printer, you’ll need some essentials.

A smartphone with an Installed Google Home app.
Canon Printer loaded with A4 size Plain paper.
A device with Google Assistant or Google Home.     
Setup and Connect
Having all the above essentials allows easy setup and connect steps. Here’s how you can start;

Step 1. Make sure your Canon printer is already turned on.

Step 2. In case your Canon model has an Auto Power On function, then ensure if it’s enabled.

Step 3. You’ll have to activate Google Assistant to talk about the next steps.

Step 4. Say, Ok, Google, talk to Canon printer. You’ll quickly get a response and recommendation to connect your Canon printer to your account.

Step 5. On your smartphone, open the installed app – Google Home. Tap on the LINK option.

Step 6. If you’ve Canon ID, then login to Canon Inkjet Cloud Printing Center. If you don’t have an account, follow after step 7.

Step 7. Select Create a Canon ID account in the Canon IJ Cloud.

Step 8. Enter asked details and follow details to create Canon ID.

Step 9. Enter ID and password to Sign in and Allow the printer access request.

You can now use the voice commands to print from a Canon printer.  

Printing Color Page In Canon Model 
As you’ve connected the Google assistant to Canon printer, you can use voice commands to print color pages and others.

Say, Ok, Google, talk to Canon printer.
When the voice assistant will respond, again say, Print 1 coloring page.
Google Assistant will ask you to confirm. Hence, say, Yes Print 1 coloring page.     
Your Canon printer starts printing Color Page.
Check Status of Canon Printer   
To print and see the printer’s status, follow the below steps;

The very first, start with saying, Ok Google, talk to Canon printer.
The Voice assistant will respond as usual whether you want to print coloring pages or number place puzzles.
You’ll need to say, check the status of my printer.
If there’s an issue with your canon printer model, I’ll let you know. Otherwise, you’ll get a reply ready to print and the ink status.
If you encounter any issue, reset the google assistant connectivity with Canon support. Also, restart all the devices, including the Canon printer, your smartphone, or the other voice command device. 

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