Guide: how to TRAVEL MORE and SPEND LESS

Guide: how to TRAVEL MORE and SPEND LESS

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Are you dreaming of traveling somewhere but with a limited budget? A student on the road and saved only few bucks? A retired person but wanted to see the world? Or just a simple nomad with an itchy feet?!

Traveling is not always expensive, you just need to be wise.

Here are the 5 basic things where you can save money from during your travels.

1.) Flight

To get cheap flights, book in advance. (3-6 months are good rate). What if it is a last minute travel decision? I still got you covered
- you can check www(dot)kayak(dot)com as they are partnered with a lot of low cost carriers all over the world
- www(dot)lastminute(dot)com for cheap deals too!
- www(dot)skyscanner(dot)com if you just wanna go somewhere maybe close or the cheapest from your home, search for destination “everywhere” it will show you the cheapest where you can go.

Things you need to consider when you fly with low cost carriers, as you know these are budget airlines and most of them doesn’t include checked in baggage so pack light. Also, it will let you choose seat when you book (skip that because they will charge you for that). I normally skip insurance as well (I haven’t had any troubles anyway so I’m fine without insurance).

2.) Accommodation

How to find cheap accommodation? Well, sometimes it depends how many are you, if you are a solo traveler go for dorm hostels. If you have a friend with you, you can take a budget room as you will be paying the same rate in total when both of you are in dorm room.

Where to find:
- www(dot)booking(dot)com you can manually change the price range depending on your budget. Always check what’s included in the price and what’s not. Always choose the better location, preferably near the public transportation.
- www(dot)hostelworld(dot)com I have never used this because it always show the rate per night, while in booking it shows the total price of your stay. Although, hostelworld of course are mainly for hostels!
- #AirBnB prices are also per night. You can find cheap rates and good hosts— usually locals and would be able to help you settle in the city.
- #Couchsurfing
I’ve tried this few times, post a public trip and hosts will offer you an accommodation FOR FREE and show you around. BUT! Be cautious when choosing your host, make sure you check the references, photos and bio. There are still some a$zhol€s who uses couchsurfing as a dating app. 

Here are some of the people who hosted me in couchsurfing, and others who i hang out with.

- #WorldPacker
this is actually good for long term travelers. You will help by working few hours in some hotel/guest house depends on your skills too, while they provide you an accommodation and food. Although if you try to search a place there are prices that will show, yes you need to pay (not a lot) but that’s only for the group or the site’s maintenance.

3.) Transportation

Never use taxi. Uber, Grab Car, Blah Blah Car are cheaper than taxi. If you want to use the cheapest way of transport, use public transportation such as motorbike, jeepney, bus and train.

- Download Map.Me (a map that works offline) it will help you find the nearest restaurants, hotel and site to visit. You can also do your own walking tour by just following the map.

4.) Food
One of my favorite parts in traveling is looking for good food. Good food with a good price! You can usually find cheap eats in:
- market
- street stalls
- corners and small roads
- stalk locals for more lol
- Supermarket (cook your own)

What to avoid: Fancy restaurants, minimize eating international food

in short: Eat like a local

5.) Attractions
Of course traveling won’t be fun if you don’t visit amazing places with its diverse history!!

To get discounted tickets for attractions
- Download GROUPON & KLOOK, they have amazing deals when it comes to everything even hotels and restaurants.
- Always search for the attractions that are FREE to visit.

I’ve got less than half price of the normal entrance fee in Burj Khalifa with free snacks from groupon!

VOILA! These are the things that most long term travelers do to survive everyday aside from blogging. Now you know that your small budget can go a long wayyyyyy.

Start packing your things and you’re welcome. 😊

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Due to the close down of this site, please head out to my new blog —

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