Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy

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Under the updated Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy for 2021, you may alter your flight reservation free without cost: If you want to change your reservation up to 24 hours prior to making the booking, regardless of the type of fare you booked. If you're travelling before March 30, 2022 using a ticket bought prior to April 30 2021. If you purchased your ticket before May 31st 2021, you must have the original date of travel between March 1, 2020 between March 1, 2020 and May 31, 2022. If you alter the following rates: Comfort Fares (60-plus days before departure). Latitude Fares (2-plus hours before departure). Premium Economy Flexible Fares (2-plus before departure).

Business Class Flexible Fares (2-plus before departure). Award Fares 2+ before departing (only Altitude Super Elite 100k members). To modify your ticket, call the original source of your booking: If you booked your flight directly through Air Canada or via Skyscanner, Google Flights, or Kayak you are able to change your reservation online through My Bookings. If you booked your trip through an agent for travel (online or in any other way) then you should make contact with them directly. If you have booked via Aeroplan, Air Canada for Business as well Air Canada Vacations, contact them directly.

Tickets purchased directly through Air Canada can: You can either convert the ticket into or convert it into an Air Canada Travel Voucher which can be transferred and has no expiry date) You can also choose Aeroplan points to earn an additional 65% bonus Changes to flight reservations can be made up to two hours before the departure time scheduled. If you make changes on tickets purchased prior to the 31st of March, 2021 or after April 1st, 2021, you must return to your destination within 24 months from the date of purchase. There is no need to pay a change charge however, you will have to pay the difference in fare (if there is one).

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy--Basic Economy

Air Canada Airlines does not allow changes to flights for passengers who have Basic Economy tickets unless they are made within 24 hours from the date of purchase.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy--Standard Economy

If you're on an Standard Economy ticket, you will be charged a change cost of USD 100 for flights that depart within 60 calendar days, and USD 25 on flights leaving after 61 or more days, unless you make a change within the 24 hour period. Be aware that if you choose the more expensive option you'll have to pay for the difference in fare.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy--Flex Fares

If you're using the Flex ticket, you'll have to pay a modification charge in the amount of 50 USD for travel that depart within 60 days and 25 for flights that depart after 61 days or more, unless you alter your flight within the 24-hour timeframe. Like other fares should you opt for a higher-cost option, you will be charged the difference in price.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy--Comfort Fares

After the 24-hour timeframe, Comfort fares will incur an additional change charge that is USD 25 on departures within 60 days, and USD 25 for departures after 60 days. If you opt for a higher rate, you'll be required to pay for the difference in price.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee--Latitude, Premium Economy, and Business Class Fares

It is possible to change the fares of flexible options without charge, such as Premium Economy, Latitude and Business. If you choose a more expensive option, you will be required to pay the difference in fare or, if you opt for an alternative that is cheaper and pay the difference, the difference will be reimbursed.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy--Award Tickets

You are able to change your award ticket for up to two hours prior to the departure of your flight. However, you'll be charged a charge of USD 100 per kinds of tickets. But, Aeroplan Diamond members will be charged a change cost of USD 75. those with an Altitude Super Elite 100k status are able to make changes without charge.

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Air Canada Same-Day Change Fee

In accordance with Air Canada Same Day Flight Change Policy the charges for changes that occur on the same day are: Basic Economy fares not allowed Standard Fares USD 150
USD 100 (between Toronto and LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark) Flex and Comfort Fares USD 75
USD 0 (between Toronto and LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark) Latitude, Premium Economy, Business USD 0
(only if Flexible) Awards For all ticket purchases, USD 100.
USD 75 to Aeroplan Diamond members
USD 0 for Altitude Super Elite 100k members

How to Change Your Air Canada Flight Booking

You can modify the details of your Air Canada booking via or through a ticket center. You can modify your reservation only if the ticket directly through Air Canada. Step-by-step directions are available in the following: Go Select My Bookings Make your booking for your flight using your Reservation Reference / Ticket number and last name. Select Find and then the flight on which you would like to change to. Make changes to your flight following the self-explanatory instructions
(fare extra cost to be paid)

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