Keeping Skin Clear During Travel

Keeping Skin Clear During Travel

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4 Essential Beauty Items to Keep Skin Clean and Clear for Women when they travel.

For many woman, unlessed you are blessed with seriously smooth and clear skin every day of your life, many of us start to feel the inpeding stress of an approaching holiday with a fear that we will break out due to the lifestyle change of either being on a plane for too long in air conditioning, or from eating unfamilar foods in different cultures.

Well, I have good news. I have tried and tested a variety of different ways to keep skin clear when travelling. And although nothing is ever fail safe; mostly due to different cirumstances, like your cycle starting mid-travel, these beauty tips will keep your skin looking at it's best when travelling; whether on sort trips or long ones. And you don't need too many products to do it.

The main thing when travelling is hydration, both on the inside and the out. So although, keeping your skin clean and clear from any oils may seem like a good idea at the time. If you strip away the oils from the skin, chances are you are stripping away the good oils which help your skin cells stay clear. Especially when sitting on a long-haul flight. Always pack an oboard face mask, which is designed to be absorbed into the skin. This way you don't have to worry about feeling embarressed about wearing a mask in public and you won't need to wash it off. I use Clinique's Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. If you're not on the plane, this mask can also be applied a lot thicker when chilling in the hotel room and washed over after 30 minutes.

This is an important step with any daily skincare routine, and even more so when travelling. Especially if you're travelling through hot climate countries. When your skin dries, dead cells form and clog the pores, causing conjesting and locking in dirt and pollution. It's important to have a good exfoliation product to take with you to help keep the pores clean throughout your travel. And using a face mask after exfoliating does wonders for keeping your skin well balanced too. I use Frank Body Coffee Scrub Facial Scrub.

A good cleanser is a MUST when travelling, more so then when you're at home. This is due to the different types of micro-organisms from the different countries you visit, which can be in both the air and in the water when you shower. These organisms can get stick in the skin cells and cause havoc, so cleansing to keep the pores clear is important and it help to wash away sweat, sunscreen, dirt and makeup too. I take two different cleaners when I travel. I use an all in one cleanser, toner and exfoliator by TN Dickinson Witch Hazel Exfoliation pads from Australia. And if you're overseas (especially in the UK), Boots Chemist sell a similar product which also has Tea Tree Oil in them. They are perfect for onboard your flight. For daily use, I use a Vitamic C cleanser by Murad which boosts antioxidants in the skin.

Finding the right moisturiser when travelling, which won't make your skin too oily, isn't too heavy (or light) and easy to wear at night-time and under makeup in the day can be tricky. I always find myself leaning more towards serum based moisturisers these days, as they are medium based in texture (so not too heavy and not too light) and easy to wear. I highly recommend using Clinique's new Moisture Surge 72-hour Auto-replenishing Hydrator. It comes in a variety of sizes, starting from 15ml and their max size being 75ml. Even after washing off this moisturiser, the ingredients penetrate deep into the pores to maintian a rich hydration for longer periods of time. Which is perfect for travelling. I take this product and the overnight mask product by clinique on the plane with me to ensure my skin is super soft and dewy on long haul flights.

An that's it - nice and simple, without the stress of packing anywhere up toi 10 skincare products. Keeping it simple and chosing the right products ensures you will maintain strong skin stablisation throughout your travels.

PS - This blog has not been endoresed by any of the above products.

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