Luxury Travel ☺️

Luxury Travel ☺️

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I’m a backpacker so most of the time I stay in hostels to save and use my money long. But somehow I was able to experience the what they call ‘ luxurious traveling’. Thanks to Matt 😘 

Camp Netanya in Anilao Batangas. The Mini Santorini Greece of the Philippines 🇵🇭 

🚌 From Manila, take the Jam Liner at Buendia Terminal on your way to Batangas. Travel time almost 2 hours. Bus fare 150 php.

🚖 From Batangas Terminal ride a taxi on your way to Camp Netanya. Fare is around 500 php - 800 php depending on the traffic. Travel time almost an hour.

▪️ Book your rooms in advance at their website price ranges from 5000 php to 16 000 php a night! 🙈

We got the cheapest villa and it was on promo, 4500 php a night good for 2 pax.

There are free activities you can do at the resort (1) biking (2) kayaking (3) snorkelling
if you’re staying for atleast one night. 

And the view, just awesome 😍

You can do a day tour at 1500 php with lunch included. But trust me it’s better to stay atleast one night to enjoy the whole resort. 😉

Chill like a boss! 😎

Take a dip in the pool. 🏊🏻‍♂️ 

And enjoy the amazing sunset 🌅


Since you’re already in Batangas do a sidetrip to Puerto Galera. 2 hours boat ride from from Batangas port. Fare: 180 php

We stayed at Lalaguna Villas for 1800 php a night good for 2 pax. Located on Sabang Beach Front. They offer a free water taxi from the port going to their villa, just text them so they’ll be ready to pick you up.

Things to do in Puerto Galera:

(1) Chasing Waterfalls 

I recommend you rent a scooter for 500 php for the whole day. And do your own sightseeing. There are 2 known Waterfalls in Puerto Galera the Tamaraw falls 👇 free entrance.

And Aninuan Falls 👇 that requires you to trek for an hour. You need to pay for a local guide on your way to the falls that’s 300 php and entrance fee 30 php.

(2) Water Activities at White Beach 

Jetski 500 php for 30 mins
Banana Boat 300 php
Parasailing 1500 php
Flyfish 300 php
( Prices changes if peak season )

(3) Island Hopping

Fish feeding, fishing 🎣 and don’t miss to see the Giant Clam 🙂 that’s 1500 php for 2 pax.

I’m so happy to travel. To be able to travel where I want, when I want. There’s a lot of luck and happenstance involved. A lot of work, too. But I know I’m lucky to be able to travel so much.

What are you waiting for let the moths out of your wallet and live a good life! 😉

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melots12 travel blog images

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