Turtuk- a piece of heaven🌄🌋(One village's story)

Turtuk- a piece of heaven🌄🌋(One village's story)

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Turtuk, the last village in India. Very small village in size but huge in the beauty. It is only 7 KM far from the Pakistan border. It is 211 KM far from the Leh city and 92 KM far from the Diskit. Without no doubt, Turtuk is the piece of heaven where you can also enjoy a breathtaking view of K2, the 2nd largest mountain in the world after Everest which is situated in Pakistan. Turtuk is visited by very fewer tourists. So, it feels very special to visit there before someone visits. 
Turtuk was in Pakistan before 1971.It was under the Gilgit-Baltistan region. Indian army captured the village when the villagers were sleeping at the night from Pakistan in 1971. Still, the villagers have their relatives and nearest one in Pakistan. Though it is a very small village but there are many things to enjoy and see what you might not have seen or experienced before especially the unstoppable sound of the stream of the Shyok river. Turtuk is a Muslim village. Everyone in this village is Muslim. It is very safe to travel there.  

The road towards the village is like the road to the heaven. It makes you confused that where to look cause everywhere you see is an outstanding scenario. Snowy mountains, beautiful trees, falling rocks, small villages with beautiful children and people, highspeed river etc will be accompanying you in your whole journey so you will not get bored and make sure you have enough space in your memory card. 
                                                           The wonderful road towards the Turtuk village

It was my big dream to go to this remote place. So as soon as I had the ability to travel I didn't miss the chance to travel to this piece of heaven. Though it was not easy for me but if you have a dream then you can do it if you work hard. As a Bangladeshi citizen, I had to take permission to go there which was easy to get from the DC office in the Leh city and it cost only 600 rupees. But now the rules have changed. Now Bangladeshi, Chinese, Pakistani, Myanmar, Afghanistani people need to take permission from the home of affairs in New Delhi. 

How to go: First you have to arrive in the Leh city in Ladakh. You can arrive in Leh by air from Delhi in the anytime of the year but by road only from June to September as the rest of time, the roads are covered by the snows. if you go by road then you can go through Manali, Himachal Pradesh or Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir. Then from Leh after taking permission you have to hire a taxi to go to the Turtuk village though Nubra Valley(another beautiful spot) and khardungLa(the highest motorable road in the world)

When to go: Best time to visit Turtuk village is from June to September as the sky will be blue, the weather will be tropical.

Where to stay: You can find hotels and homestays there. So no need to worry about the accommodation.  

What to see: The most beautiful thing to see in Turtuk is the eye-catching nature and mountain views. It has wonderful culture too. People are very curious about the tourists and love to say "HI" or "Juley"(Hello in Ladakhi language). There is also one crownless king in the village. His past generations were the king of the Baltistan. You can visit his house and meet him and he will nicely introduce about his generations and the place. In the morning, you can get the clear view of K2 mountain. The beauty of nature there is endless so your time will pass by enjoying the nature and you will never get bored. Let's see some of the beautiful photos of the village taken by me:

                                                                        Beautiful view of K2

                                                             Another clear view of K2 Mountain

                                                                     So beautiful, isn't it?
                                                                Can you spot the K2 mountain?

                                                                        Another clear view

                                                        Apricot trees. It is in a large number there

                                                        Cherries. It is also famous food in there. 

                                                          Cute babies will look at you like this

                                                             This is how their house looks like
                                                                         This is the road
                                                                              Shyok river.
Note: If you like my blog then please share it so that others may also enjoy my blog and know about this beautiful place. Thank you all. I really hope you enjoyed my blog. 

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Joy Baroi travel blog images

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