Hassle-free Travel Apps That Brings You To An Overrated Tourists Destinations

Hassle-free Travel Apps That Brings You To An Overrated Tourists Destinations

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Technology is becoming more progressive making the computer professionals create a variety of concept thru web. By this advancement, everything is becoming digital which is why people preferred this convenient way even for travelling and so the help of the new smartphones app can make travelling easier and worthwhile.

We all know that travelling to Singapore is disturbingly expensive but these 5 Apps help me travel there without a rough.

1.) Airbnb

Finding a perfect and comfortable place to stay in a certain country is one of the things we need to consider but did you know that you can find those ideal places without paying a 5-star hotel room? I’ve found this mid-rise condo along Upper Paya Lebar, 30 mins travel from Changi Airport via Mrt. Who would expect a cozy room with it’s own bathroom and balcony for only $43 per night? It comes with adult and kiddie pool with mini playground which is perfect for kids. It also has it’s own convenient store and restaurant where you can buy what you need in one snap. Hosts are very friendly and accomodating. These are the reasons why I’ve given Airbnb a 5 stars as well as the host. It gave it’s best on my first and I‘m sure it’ll also guarantee me on my next.

2.) Klook

Getting a package tour from some travel agencies can be deceiving. You think that you get a package tour for a low cost but you’d also spend more by giving a mandatory tips on the tour guides and drivers. This is the thing that Klook differs from them coz it provides a complete list of popular tourist destinations which you can purchase in a very low price with lots of freebies. I bought my Universal Studios 1-Day Pass for only $50 and $37 for children aged (4-12) comes with $5 meal and retail discount. Btw, regular USS 1-Day Pass is $76. I bet you’ll prefer the one that has a big discount. 😂

I am one of those who are amazed by the structural design of Marina Bay Sands which is why, getting on top of it to see the 360 degree view of Singapore was one of my bucket list. Another thing that made Klook special for me, is it’s free 1-Day Unlimited Funvee Hopper Pass if you purchase the Sands Skypark ticket. Lets you explore the whole city without struggling and spending for tip. You just hop on, sightseeing then hop off when you want to stay in any particular place then hop on again. Imagine you get the chance to witness the different places of Singapore in one day without extra charge. Two thumbs up!

3.) Grab

Even when I was in Manila I used to get grab car so I was quite surprised that there’s also Grab in Singapore and that made it more smooth. Booking a cab then wait till it pick you up and you’re good to go everywhere you want.

4.) Viator

I haven’t tried this yet but I reviewed this app and I think it’ll be worth it. They offer a complete tour packages depending on your budget. You just have to pick from their available tours in your preferred country, if you want the cheapest or the more exciting experience, it’s up to you. Unlike Klook which is only within Asia, Viator provides tour in every continent which makes me look forward to try it.

5.) Google Maps

This is the most significant app for me. Knowing where you are in an unfamiliar place is such a relief, you won’t find yourself reluctant to travel because you confidently know where you are going without the help of tour guides and all. Google Maps can show you where is the popular tourist spots you can go, the nearest mrt or bus station, where to eat, it can also let you know whether you’re near or far from your destination. If you have an internet connection and a google map, you don’t need to worry at all.

These are the apps that help me get through that tiny yet sumptuous country without caught short and I can’t wait to try these again in my next travel. I’m sure these apps will stand you on good stead as well.

if you have questions, email me at foxykhim@gmail.com or follow me on instagram to see my previous travel photos : @khimtravels

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foxykhim travel blog images

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