Places To Visit In Montenegro

Places To Visit In Montenegro

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If you want fast and see all the sights of Montenegro for a couple of days, then you will need a car, accommodation and a list of attractions that you can visit on the car. Arriving in Montenegro, you can rent a car at Tivat airport and visit the places of interest we have chosen for you. Here is a list of these attractions:

a. The Durmitor National Park:

This park is one of the most beautiful natural sites in Europe. The views are captivating and totally breathtaking. There is hardly any natural site that would amaze you more than the landscape of the Durmitor mountains. Although, the majority of people mostly visit the coastlines in the country. The Durmitor should be top of your plans when visiting the country. There are roads that lead to the park, so you can easily drive there, or have a rental car bring you there.

b. Sveti Stefan:

If you want a place where you can just relax, sipping on a chilled wine, with a fantastic picturesque area. Then the Sveti Stefan should be your choice. There are not a lot of things on this beach, however, isn’t the purpose of vacation to relax and not do anything? If you’re a fan of pictures, then you can be sure to get amazing pictures of the coastline of this beach. I’d start packing if I were you!!!!

c. Pluzine:

The best time to enjoy the Pluzine is to visit before sunset. This place is just beside one of the lakes, in the town of Pluzine. It has amazing views, especially when you stay in the bungalows that overlook the lake.

d. Tara canyon:

The Tara canyon is one of the most beautiful sites in the world.
It’s surrounded by pine forests and lakes. The Tara canyon is one of the deepest and largest canyons in the world. There a lot of activities that can be done in this canyon. Some of the activities include canyoning, jeep safaris, zip-lining and so on. However, for those that are not interested in the activities, the view would just be enough.

e. Njegos Mausoleum:

This place is located in the rocky Dinara Alps. This place is home to the mausoleum, of one of the former rulers of the country. The mausoleum is located at a height of about 1700meters. It has a total number of 461 steps. Views from this place are breathtaking.

f. Island Churches, Kotor:

This is one of the oldest church in Montenegro. The church was suggested to have been built in the 9th century. It’s a place of history, and you might want to visit.

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