Top 5 Objects You Must Not Forget Before Leaving Europe

Top 5 Objects You Must Not Forget Before Leaving Europe

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Leaving Europe soon for a trip? Then there are many things you might wanna bring from your mother country, but these are the absolute top 5 that you must not forget, as these are life-saving ones that you will use before, during and after your trip.

All The Adaptors

Power Cables, electrical outlets, USB, Micro USBs and blah blah. We use way too many cables, that is a fact. Instead of putting five thousand ones inside your luggage, try and buy a multi-charger or a USB universal connector. This to save space and, most importantly, to avoid all the entanglement that might happen in your suitcase.

All The Travelling Apps

I know, these are not proper "objects" but trust me they help a lot. First of all, the usual ones, like Google Maps, Uber, Tripadvisor etc. After those, try and do a simple research and see if there are any popular apps in the place you're going: for example, there are many apps in LA that are popular to set up garden parties and such, maybe there is something similar (and in English) in the place you're going to stay.

The Flight

When leaving Europe, your flight must not be forgotten. Since it probably gonna last more than 8 hours, you should buy snacks (in case you don't like the food), wear comfortable clothes and most importantly, the third object on this list: a travelling pillow. Don't think that you will be using that just for the flight since mine saved my life multiple times in hostels and even hotels. Sleeping is important, especially with 12+ hours of jet lag on you!

A Power Bank

If you are going to stay in a big city, like New York or Tokyo, you will use your smartphone a lot, mostly 70% of your day. If you are a social media addicted, in particular, chances that you will use it to take pictures, videos and such are pretty high. Combine those with a constant use of Google Maps and your battery will die in a matter of hours (especially if you are an iPhone user like me). It's important to have a power bank with you, always. You won't know when your battery will die!

A Backpack

As always, this is truly a must: having a backpack with you in which you could put all your belongings, your food and anything really. There are plenty of stylish (and smart) backpacks out there, you just need to pick the best one for you.

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