What to visit in the vicinity of Palermo by a car

What to visit in the vicinity of Palermo by a car

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Want to take a trip to escape from everyday life? Why not consider a trip to Palermo, one of the most beautiful cities in Italy? But for that you will have to prepare accordingly, to inform you on the places to visit, and also on the hiring of the car to use during your stay in Palermo. Here are for you some activities to do by car in Palermo, and everything you need to know about car rental in this beautiful city.

Palermo: a city of all styles

Palermo is one of the oldest cities in Italy. Located by the sea in the Sicilian region, this beautiful city is full of history, which makes it a dream destination. There are many activities you can do and many sites you can visit. Here are a few that you should like:

The Norman palace

It is basedon different styles that characterize Sicily. Today century of the Sicilian Parliament, it was once the home of great figures of Palermo, including the Arab emirs of Palermo in 831, and also Norman kings in the 12th century.

The cathedral of Palermo

This building was first a Roman basilica and then a mosque, and today is the cathedral of Palermo. It is said that its construction began in 1185, and that it was completely completed in the 19th century! It thus inherited the expertise of many different architects through the centuries, and several architectural styles as well Roman as Arabic, giving it a unique Gothic look. This place full of history is simply magnificent and is worth a visit if you go for a trip to Sicily.

The Capuchin catacombs

These catacombs which were built for the Capuchin monks were also opened with time to the aristocrats of Sicily for whom resting there had become a symbol of prestige. The bodies were mummified, then exposed. Although unused for a few years, it is open to tourists and you can see more than 8000 mummies, the most famous being that of the young Rosalia Lombardo, buried in the early 1920 at 2 years, but whose body is still in perfect condition, for nearly 100 years.

You can also visit other places just as steeped in history, such as, La Martorana (Santa Maria Del Ammiraglio), The Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele or The Botanical Garden of Palermo.It's all beautiful, isn't it?! And on the spot the tourist guides will make you pay between 10 to 20$ to visit these places. But there is one thing you also need to consider, and that is car rental.

Carngo.com: way to find the car

If you are planning a trip to Palermo, you must also take into account the car rental budget. Indeed, to enjoy this beautiful city, you will have to spend between 3 and 4 days. And nothing better to get around than to rent a car. But there are so many car rental companies that you get lost between services and prices. Carngo is the easiest and most reliable way to find a car at a good price in Palermo but also worldwide.

Carngo compares several of the most reputable car rental sites, agencies located in town and even those most popular at airports. You will find a car corresponding to your needs whatever your age, your number, the type of car you want or the use you want to make of it, all on the same site. Depending on your day of arrival and departure, you can easily find the service that suits you best near your place of arrival and dispose of your car as soon as you arrive at Palermo airport. The Carngo service offers 24/7 customer service, car insurance, and breakdown assistance in the event of a problem. And guess what, you'll pay less if you order from their mobile app available on the google Play store and on the Apple store.

With Carngo, you will save time and money on your car rental budget. It’s simple, fast, and reliable.

Palermo is a beautiful historic city that you should consider visiting on your next trip to Italy. Many picturesque sites and places are open to tourists, enough to fill up with emotions before returning to everyday life. Don't forget to use Carngo, the best car rental and booking site in the world. Download their mobile application, for exceptional discounts. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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