TEFL Teaching Tips

TEFL Teaching Tips

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language is a great way to work your way around the world, and here at Travel Boost we love finding the best opportunities for young people to start on the TEFL teaching ladder through our awesome internship programs in China! But now that you've secured an internship or your first TEFL job, how can you impress? Here are our top five tips to being an awesome TEFL teacher:

1. Be prepared

You may have been sold by the photos of teachers relaxing on the beach or exploring local sights on their days off, but behind the scenes teaching requires a lot of preparation work! Before your class have a detailed lesson plan and make sure you've got all the materials you'll need for the lesson. We'd also recommend preparing simple back-up activities and games in case you have spare time to fill at the end of your lesson or technology fails you!

2. Get certified

Although many jobs are available for native-speakers without any qualifications, you'll feel a lot more confident standing up in front of the class with a TEFL certificate under your belt. These range from simple online courses to classroom or internship based options. If you're considering TEFL as a long term career, then it's worth looking into the TrinityTESOL or CELTA qualifications, recognised as the gold standard worldwide.

3. Have fun

Be creative outside of the standard teaching materials provided, particularly if these consist of old textbooks or worksheets. Kids learn best through games and activities, which provide them with more relaxed opportunities to practice their language skills. We recommend fitting in at least one major activity into every lesson, and using simple warm-up and review games at the start and end of class. As well as providing more fun for the kids, you'll find yourself enjoying lessons a lot more too - so it's a win-win!

4. Be on time

There's nothing an employer hates more than unreliable employees. Turn up on time to all your scheduled classes, and if you've been assigned office hours put these in your timetable too! But don't let work take over your life - the main advantages of TEFL jobs are the travel opportunities! We recommend using your office hours as an opportunity to lesson plan and complete any marking during the week, and setting aside at least two days for yourself to relax and explore.

5. Experience the culture

Schools love to have teachers who are interested in the local culture and sights, since if you enjoy living there you're more likely to renew your contract next year! Take advantages of any opportunities to travel, visit local families or take part in cultural activities. Ask your fellow teachers or manager for advice on how to learn the local language or the top places to visit. By really engaging in the culture you'll really make the most of the amazing TEFL experience! That's why our EduCare program provides a fully immersive homestay option, and our summer camps in China offer free trips and cultural activities!

If you've been inspired to teach abroad, why not get your first taste on our fully funded summer TEFL internship programs in China?

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