Central Park

Central Park

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This is one of that American flagship places which will come to your mind first when I ask you about New York City or even the US. Central Park. One of the most filmed locations in the world, charming and accessible all year, day and night...Time for a walk in the heart of Big Apple! Will you join me?

Great Lawn

Great lawn, the most popular picnic destination for every New Yorker. In fact, the picnic area isn't limited to this place, quite the opposite; you can see people feasting on every patch of green in the park.


The Balto Statue,

Dedicated to the indomitable spirit of the sled dogs 
that relayed antitoxin six hundred miles over rough ice, 
across treacherous waters, through Arctic blizzards from Nenana 
to the relief of stricken Nome in the Winter of 1925.
Endurance · Fidelity · Intelligence

Central Park Zoo

I decided to go there and take a look mostly because of popular Madagascar movie characters. Although the zoo in the reality is very small and looks different from this one in the movie, I'm glad I could take a picture of the gate with an old clock known from the tv series.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

My favorite! The magical place located near the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I strongly recommend to visit it just before the sunset... The view is just breathtaking!

Life can definitely surprise you. Something that used to be only my dream, about a year ago became a plan that could be realized in the next few months.  And so I  decided to change my address for six months and taste the big world, experience my own American Dream. Even though it wasn't always easy, I have learned more about the world around me and about myself, that I could ever imagine. I'm taking this wonderful lesson with me for a lifetime and I'm putting my photos and memories here ... If you want to see more visit my blog :)

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Nav.yBlue travel blog images

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