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Located in the south west part of Guatemala, we have Guatemágica, is a complex of thematic parks, and also a mayan place known like Takalik Abaj or stand stone on spanish.

Xocomil, comes from native language Kchickel that means air tide, this is a thematic park open to public in the year 2007 winner of the price such as the best thematic park on the world in the year 2007, this park has sliders for whole family, has a replica of a mayan temple that is a dinning room, arround the park is a small river where you can do the activity of tubbing, is a quiet river and nice to see all the sliders that Xocomil offer, has a beach volley ball field and also has a waves pool, the weather on this place is very nice almost whole year is hot. This park has the first wet roller coaster in whole central america, count with service of life savers too, and if you forgot something in home has shops where you can find sandals, shirts, solar blocks, and other stuffs.

Xetulul, means down the zapote tree, this thematic park was open to the pubblic in the year 2001, is a park that is aside Xocomil, and has pavillions, of different countries, here is representated, countries such as, France, and the copy of a french theather that has always any kind of plays, and in front has the Mollin Rouge, that really is a corner where you can buy food, also has the italian spot, with the replica of the Trevi´s Fountain in Rome, the Big Palace on Florence, and a nice restaurant where you can enjoy a good italian food, outside of this restaurant you have a wet roller coaster named la gondola salpicona where you can enjoy riding this nice roller coaster. We have the german square too where you can see german architecture and one of the biggest roller coasters in central america, in this square you can buy sausagges and beer also, has many mecchanic games. On the spanish square you will find El Galeón, here is a boat that goes from one side to other, in the middle of Xetulul is the replica of the Big Jaguar in Tikal, and also we have a guatemalan square where you can enjoy Guatemalan food, is a unique experience, this parks belong to the Irtra the national guatemalan institute private of recreation. Xetulul and Xomcomil works from Thursday to Sunday only from 10 am to 5 pm.

Out of this two parks we have DinoPark, is the biggest animatronic park of dinosaurs and old animals who lives on the world, in this place, place seems such a movie of Jurasic Park too, you can enjoy of this place from tuesday to sunday, is not open on Monday, inside this park is Xulic, the biggest collection of mattel tracks, and also has some movies original things.

For finish we can go to the coffee plantation propiety of a american guy who gives tours on english, spanish and french, and this tour is not complete if you do not visit also Takalik abaj a old mayan city one of the firstones found in Guatemala that is close to the Sea about 30 minutes driving, Guatemágica is a incredible experience we have tours to this place for enjoy with the family and friends.

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Elcadejo travel blog images

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