Is Artificial Grass A Good Option For Poolside Area?

Is Artificial Grass A Good Option For Poolside Area?

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Your pool area may be the most relaxing place of your backyard, but it will only be truly spectacular if it is surrounded by a lush green lawn. Unfortunately, that natural lawn can attract a variety of bugs and garbage, which includes algae. Not to mention the filth, which is both unsightly and unhygienic.

Alternatively, artificial grass around your pool area, is one of the most attractive and low-maintenance options available. Let's look at some of the artificial turf benefits around pool areas:

Synthetic Grass Advantages Around the Poolside Area

With artificial turf, many homeowners have found the perfect blend of beauty and care. Below are the few advantages:


Because the turf around the pool does not become sticky when wet, you may let your children play in the pool area without fear of them slipping or stumbling on uneven ground.


An artificial lawn is simple to maintain, no matter how busy you are. To make upkeep easier, sweep away any leaves or debris that fall upon it and rinse it down once a month.

No Chemicals:

Because synthetic grass does not require fertilisation or watering, you can avoid these tasks entirely. There will be no runoff as well.


Another significant advantage: no mud! The surface of artificial grass is unusual in that it repels rain, dirt, and debris while keeping a velvety appearance.


There are numerous synthetic turf forms and sizes available for use around your pool. Cool hues can be used, or imitation stone elements can be used for added drama.

The element of security:

Although fake grass is a hard surface, it is soft enough for children and pets to fall on if they misstep. It's also a good option for individuals who have wheelchair access to their pool area because it provides a comfortable cushion.

Lasts Longer:

Many homeowners choose synthetic lawns because they can withstand the elements, from the sun to the always moist region around their pool. It can last up to 10 years.

Find Out More About Artificial Turf For Around Your Pool

Eturf is having over 23 years of experience and can assist you in finding the ideal pool area solution and provide a free consultation and estimate on installation expenses.

To learn more about how we can make your pool area seem great without the hassle of care, please contact us for an artificial grass quote online.

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artificialgrass travel blog images

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