Guatemalan Coffee

Guatemalan Coffee

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Guatemala is also known like the eternal spring country, here you can do tours by coffee plantation, now our tour will be 4 minutes away from Antigua Guatemala in La Azotea farm, here is a space to learn about the guatemala coffee, why is one of the bests coffees on the world, in this place has the history of the coffee and the place where was discovered the coffee was in Ethiopia by a Shephard that has goats and this goats when eat a red fruit was crazy. The coffee was bringed by the dutches to america not by the spanish like everybody can think, here we have a explain of the whole process of the coffee since is ripped only by woman in the months from december to march, the shapes of the coffee during the process before get your table. 
When coffee is ripped is known like cherry coffee is pealed and has a seed two seeds for each grain, there is puted to dry by 15 days in the dry patios, after this change to yellow color this coffee is named gold coffee, after that is puted in a husker for make the division of the good and bad grains, pass to be a pilgrim coffee or green coffee there is when is ready to be toasted, in this place you learn about what is the difference between one and other coffee for example arabiga and robusta? the difference is the arabiga seed needs shadow for can grow, robusta does not need any shadow, the tree that gives shadow to the coffee is called Gavilea, on this place you also find many different kind of coffee makers and also you reed all about the coffee. Guatemalan coffee is one of the best coffees on the world for some reasons the first reason is in Guatemala we have two kind of soil, high land up to 1000 metters and low land down 1000 metters, the low land coffee does not have any flavor but the high land has bitter flavor, reason why if you mix both coffees you make a amazing blend, the process is not easy, for 6 basquets ripped of coffee this remain at the final process before toast the coffee become in only one basket. The women is the only one to rip the coffee because them are gentle doing this kind of job.

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Elcadejo travel blog images

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