Atitlán Lake

Atitlán Lake

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Atitlán Lake is at 136 kilometers from Guatemala city, the name Atitlán comes from nahuatl lenguage that means among the waters, is a geografic accident, arround the lake we have this populations Santa Catalina Palopo, San Antonio Palopo, San Lucas Tolimán, Santiago Atitlán, San Pedro la Laguna, San Pablo la Laguna, San Marcos la Laguna, Santa Cruz de la Laguna, San Francisco Panajachel, Santa Clara la Laguna and San Jorge La Laguna.

On this lake we find also 3 volcanos, the volcano Atitlán, Santiago, and Tolimán, long time ago exist a mayan place of name semetabaj, located where today is the lake.

The measure of the lake is 16 kilometers wide for 32 of long, the bottom does not found yet, now the deepest found in the lake was 3,000.00 beneath the surface, half of population who lives arround the lake is from the tribe Kchickel, and the other half is Tzutujil, you can take a colective boat to take you from Panajachel to one of the places that I mention before or you can hire the services of a private boat that for 3 hours take you to the different populations.

The most famous places arround the lake are Panajachel, with the santander street, where you can find many things on sale over the street, and many restaurants also, you have from this point a amazing view to the lake.

Santa Catalina Palopo, this town is on the hills, and here you can see textils and women working the ceramic that was bringed from italians in last 19 century, and it beautiful church.

Santiago Atitlán, is famous because here has a amazing church of the 16 century and also them bring cult or whorship to Maximon, who is the keeper of the lake, the people of this town, offer him rum, and also sometimes sacrifices of animals, Maximon change of place each 6 months for the cofrades, or Maximon´s brotherhood, also has a amazing view to the lake, for enter to see Maximon if you are foreigner or national have to pay to see him, and if you want to take a picture with him also you have to pay. You can go from the dock to take a tour by this town in tuk tuk, is a motorcycle of 3 wheels, an unique experience for enjoy the place.

San Antonio Palopó, this is a amazing place, where you can find a group of women who paints the cottom, for can make the textils for sale with hot water and natural supplies of the nature such, avocado seed, mango leave, cochinilla seed, beets, and other natural fruits and vegetables too, you can see here the whole process with the old machines that them have for finish the process of the textils.

All of this you can do it in Guatemala with us

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Elcadejo travel blog images

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