Eastern Time in Guatemala and Antigua Guatemala.

Eastern Time in Guatemala and Antigua Guatemala.

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The week before the jewish passover in Guatemala we conmemorate the passion, the death, and the resurection of our Lord Jesus Christ, in a peculiar way. Here in Guatemala is many catholic churches that has brotherhoods, and this brotherhoods are in charge of the decoration, of the procession, and also of wear the images of Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, and the saints, many people do big lines for can buy the shift since december. 

In Guatemala City and Antigua Guatemala the people are ready after the lent time, that are 6 weeks and each lent sunday arround Antigua Guatemala goes out a procession are ready for the Major Week like is known, people in Guatemala has the right of holyday since tuesday but many people ask whole week for can carry the processions in Guatemala city and Antigua Guatemala.

Here we have many famous processions such as of the El Calvario Church that goes out the good friday after 3 pm, is long has 118 arms or shifts side to side, sometimes is hard can move the procession in the corners, you must have experience such as Cucurucho, is the name gived to the people who carry the processions, from lent time to good friday on the morning them wear in purpule color the purpule color is a color of Royalty, many people carry many times the same procession one single day or all processions during the holy week, them do it for tell Jesus I am with you here carrying the cross, each shift last one block, the shift is gived to you by your height, and you have a assignated street and corner, each shift could coast among 15 usd to 25 usd the expensivest are the ones for take out of the church procession and for bring in the procession on the Church can coast you til 200 usd but this is exclusive only for the brotherhood of the church nobody else.

Other famous procession is San Felipe, good friday at Antigua Guatemala, on that date you can not the whole week find a place to stay because with one year of anticipation all the rooms was booked.

The difference between processions on Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala are the carpets, in Guatemala city the people on the downtown were neighbors from years and years and them are agree to make a saddust carpet and make the design of the carpet, the long of the carpet  can be from half block to the whole block, and can take from 8 to 15 hours build the saddust carpet, the saddust carpet does not blow because is someone there pouring water, when the work is done, the procession pass over the saddust carpet and is cleaned by the city hall.

In Antigua Guatemala the farmers do the carpet of fruits and vegetables is doing so for ask to Jesus for better production on the farms offering to him that or for give thanks for a good harvest on the year, observation, the procession does not touch this kind of carpet only the saddust carpet.

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Elcadejo travel blog images

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