National Park Semuc Champey and Coban.

National Park Semuc Champey and Coban.

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Semuc Champey, is consider a natural paradise located in the north part of Guatemala, 6 hours away from Guatemala City, is located in Cobán Alta Verapaz Guatemala. This is part of the Guatemalan System of protected Areas Sigap. Semuc Champey comes from the q´echi lenguage that means where the river hide, the river cahabón pass beneath this lagoons. Is a kind of natural bridge has 300 metters of long where is lagoons til 4 metters of deep. I begin my journey and I make a stop in the central park of Cobán eating there the famous Chepes, that is a kind of tamales with black beans and the famous coban spicy, for reach Semuc Champey I have to move of car in the County of Lankin, and drive about one hour to reach this beautiful natural place where is lagoons of natural green color, all this lagoons are feed for waterfalls, also you can enjoy of this place going 50 meters up and watch the whole place of a natural viewer the park is open everyday from 8 am to 5 pm, is not permited camping inside the national park Semuc Champey, is places out the propiety where you can rent a space for camping, is modest hotels and restaurants arround Semuc Champey but is a unforgetable experience also, this is rich in flora and fauna, has 100 of spices of bird, 34 mamals, 25 kind of reptils, 10 different kind of fishes also,the water is cold, but you also can enjoy of the river cahabón, where is the posibility of do rafting. Cobán was a place where german people arrives and use the ground harvest coffee, there lives the people of the tribe q echi, and the germans also mixed with them, in Cobán you can enjoy also tours in the farm Diseldorff, the germans mixed with the q´echi persons, for that reason you see women wearing their costumes dark skin and green or blue eyes them only speak german or q´echi not spanish. In Cobán if you want to eat in a nice place you can go to Casa De Acuña too here is a good food, a good atention, and you can enjoy of national drinks, and national and international food, Cobán Alta Verapaz has a foggy forest, and also a Church on the hill, with many stairs known like El Calvario. Where is a place where is practiced the Syncretism.

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Elcadejo travel blog images

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