Spice Up Your Life with Travel

Spice Up Your Life with Travel

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You wanted to travel but can’t because of so many reasons? Why not list down all the advantages you’ll get when you travel rather than bombing yourself with reasons why you cannot? The trick is simple: you do what you want to do. Do not let anything or anyone stop you from living your life, especially if living your life means that you have to travel, explore and be on the road. Life is short after all. Seize your moment, before the sunshine became twilight, and you’re already weak and just counting the days you have left in your all-so-precious life.

So before you even think of any reasons why you can’t travel, let me list down a few (if not many) reasons why you should begin to travel now.

1. Travel lets you “get away from it all”. Are you stressing out in life, work and in your everyday living? Try to travel, and do things that are far from your usual routine. There is no denying that sometimes we really experience burning out. We’re human after all, we feel hopeless sometimes; we feel gloomy and depressed. Problem is everywhere and they stress us out. The best way to conquer all these bad vibes we have in our body is through travel. It is a good way for us to heal mentally and emotionally. Give yourself some time to think, be alone and be lost. Just escape for a day or two in your everyday life and work, from everything that brings you stress and problems. Try to travel alone and spend some time to relax all by yourself. Pack your bags, go to some road trips and try to talk to yourself. Go to some nature tripping and stay away from the noise of the toxic city. Find yourself lost from nowhere and enjoy it. Being away all on your own reenergize your mind and makes you happier than ever.

2. You meet new people by traveling. Traveling especially when you’re alone, gives you a chance to find new acquaintances who will then turn to be your friends and sometimes, the best friends. Many people even find their life partner during their travel. The main key here is that you take the initiative to talk to people you never even met-- the strangers. Always be the outgoing person when you travel. Try to chat and start a small talk with someone in your travel group, try to ask and find help with the locals, or be friendly to anyone you’ll meet while you travel.

3. Traveling is a great way to experience new things and culture. Imagine your life as this: you wake up in the morning, you get up and get ready for work, you spend most of your day in office, work for 8-9 hours then you go back home, do some chores, you sleep, and the next day you do the same routine you did as yesterday. Your life had been a cycle of the same habit you do every day. Everything in your life is so common and typical. You don’t experience being surprised anymore. It’s as if your life had been imprisoned by time and the schedule you make to survive life. If you’re tired and fed up with the same routine you do every day, then travel is really for you. Try to travel and explore life out there. The ocean is wide and the land is vast, there are so many things and places waiting for you to be explored. Start to travel and learn that life is more than work and schedules, beyond that is a life full of joy and excitements, cultures and traditions you are yet to experience, adventures you are yet to conquer, and people you are yet to meet and be friends with. It is by travel that you learn and experience things you haven’t tried and learned from school and from work.

4. Traveling makes you appreciate life and expand your perspective. Many people often say that they travel to find themselves. Maybe because they experienced heart breaks from their past relationship and that they are trying to heal and move on, some experienced sadness and loneliness, some were burned out and wanted to relax. Whatever reasons we have for our soul-searching, we always end up in one result when we travel, we became happier. We begin to appreciate more the life we have and what we had before. We learn to accept ourselves and our flaws. We begin to reflect things in our life, the relationships we have with our family and friends and every little thing that happens to us.  We start to see the beauty of life, every little part of it. It’s one of those wonders of travel and nature, it can make us feel and realize that we are just a small part of the universe, that we are just a tiny spot of dust in the galaxy, we are just a dot and we must feel very humble because there is such thing that is much bigger and greater than us, than our egos and intelligence. “From dust we came, and to dust shall we return”, so do good.

5. Travel is a new way to learn something. Wherever you go and whatever you do in the place you’ve gone to, you will always come back with some knowledge and skills you learn from your travel. May it be about the culture of the people where you’ve gone to, their attitude, cuisine, their language, or their history, and some others to name a few; there will always have some new stories to share after the journey. It is also by the very act of traveling that we learn something new about ourselves. And by it, we improve and get better.

6. Travel boosts your self-confidence. Have you ever tried climbing a mountain? How about some white water rafting? Have you tried traveling alone to someplace you never know and eat some exotic food in there? If you haven’t, then you must. Traveling is a great way for us to unlock our own potentials and advance ourselves to a better us. It is amazing how travel can make us discover our true capabilities, how it can make us realize the strengths and weaknesses we have in ourselves. Every time we do some adventures, find ourselves faced with danger and got over it, our self-esteem is being boosted. It’s as if our mind and body are celebrating another milestone we have achieved in our life, we conquered another fear and challenge, and no one or nothing can stop us anymore from doing everything and anything we love and we wanted to do. It brings us confidence in our self, our strengths, and our capabilities. “It is not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves”, I once read in Instagram before and I guess it is true, because once we reached the summit of a mountain, we began to realize that it is not the mountain itself that we conquer, it is the fear we had of travelling, of heights and of wandering to unknown. It makes us proud and humble at the same time, to be able to wander off and discover the world and experience it.

7. Travel strengthens your relationship with your family and friends. There is no such thing as a perfect travel, we, in one way or another, experience a lot of problems and troubles while we are away and on the road. There would be some petty quarrels and disagreements between you and your family or friends or anyone you are on the road with. Some would want to try to go to this place, others on that place, or over there and so on and so forth. These things are pretty normal; it doesn’t make any difference on your ordinary days in home, school or in work. Besides, this kind of thing is what makes our relationships stronger. Travel allows us to create more memories with our friends and family, it gives us an opportunity to bond together, celebrate a milestone and spend time with people we love and care about. It gives us a way to know each other better and learn something from one another. It gives us an excuse to go away from work and the toxic world and escape to something unusual with our favourite people. Traveling especially with our friends and family, help us to get a better experience and memories we can always look back someday.

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