The Walk

The Walk

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I walked until I got to a place I wanted to be in,
I walked but cannot still find my destination.
Every time I reaches a place I thought I would fit,
Then I will realize, I don't belong in there.

I walked until my feet burn,
Then I stopped, found a place and stay there for a moment,
I started to love the place and people in there,
Then suddenly, I realized I shouldn’t be there.

I walked again to find a temporary shelter,
I walked and found one who took care of me,
They treat me so well; I thought I could stay there forever,
But then I realized everything is temporary.

I walked again after that,
I walked and found another place I could stay,
I do not plan to stay there for long, but I do anyway,
I know that after that I would have to walk again.

I walked and found another place to stay in,
It is somewhere I wanted to be in before,
I’ve been happy to be there,
But I guess it is not where I suppose to stop, so I will walk again after that.

I will walk to find the great destination,
I will walk, step by step, praying.
Every step will be an adventure,
Every step will lead me to another possibility.

I always walk because that’s how my life moves on,
If I stop, then everything will end.
I do not want this adventure to be finished,
So I walked, and then after that I will walk again.

I walked alone before,
But I am walking with everyone now.
They are people who I met in my long journey,
They’re making sure I will reach my true destination.

I know that someday I will stop on walking,
But until that day I will still walk,
I will not stop on walking because I am tired,
I will stop when I know it is time for me to rest.

I am still in the middle of my walk,
Stepping, pushing, moving forward,
There are times when I feel like I wanted to give up,
But even so, I walk, ‘cause I know it’s not yet time to stop.

Until that day I find my sanctuary, I will walk,
Until that time I finished my adventure, I will walk.
Until that moment, I know I fulfilled my mission, I will walk,
Until that day arrived, I know I should rest, I will walk.
I walked, then I walk.

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Dream. Travel. Explore. travel blog images

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