Quiet London: How to Relax in the UK's Most Hectic City

Quiet London: How to Relax in the UK's Most Hectic City

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London is a busy, buzzy city. Sometimes it can get overwhelming. Sensory overload is a prime problem in a big city, where you're constantly bombarded with billboards, neon, traffic sounds and smoke, crowd crush, and more. The tube can be a squeeze, and the streets a stress with people jostling everywhere - the population in 2016 was over 8 and a half million, and it has grown exponentially. How, then, to keep relaxed in the city?

Green Parks
In fact, London has a load of green spaces you can escape into, even in the busiest of neighbourhoods. Try St John’s Lodge Gardens in Regent Park; Postman’s Park, a stone’s throw away from St Paul’s; or Phoenix Garden, which is situated to the rear of Charing Cross. These sweet, secluded spots, full of wild flowers, trees, butterflies and birds, will soothe your nerves and refresh your senses before you head back out into the bustle.

Day Hotels

Did you know you can actually book hotels by the hour now? Many major hotels are free in the daytime, so this makes total sense, and is a sensible option for those in need of swift retreat. Book one of its day use hotels in london with daybreakhotels.com, they offer a host of venues which are scattered liberally throughout the city, so you can spend some time resting and regenerating away from the bright lights and annoying noise. The addition of spas, pools, and delicious food to your dayroom are an option, if you wish, also.


You may not be of a religious persuasion, but London's churches provide a pleasant and, most importantly, stimulus free, soothing escape where ever in the city you happen to be. St Paul's, of course, will be overloaded with tourists but the nearby St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe not only has the quirkiest name ever, but is also usually hushed. Victoria, as a train and coach hub, can be overwhelming, but the often overlooked Westminster Cathedral (NOT Abbey, again a tourist hot-spot) is an oasis of calm and cool, and boasts some amazing architecture.

London need not be a sensory nightmare. Though, if you can't access the above, wearing headphones with calming music, as well as sunglasses, can be a real help.

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