Traveling with kids

Traveling with kids

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Keeping the kids entertained is one thing: keeping them educated is another. Learning and play are inextricably linked, and it is part of a parent’s job to make sure these two are entwined, interwoven, and balanced, even during the long summer vacation. Having fun and finding out are quite easy to bring together and combine in a range of absorbing, engaging family activities.

If you’re struggling to think of some, however, look no further, as we will be exploring these twin facets here. It’s important not to just let kids ‘veg out’ when they aren’t in school, and to make sure that learning is as enjoyable and as much a part of life as play is.

Learning itself could be categorised as a form of play!

Scientists have shown that learning through play is an important part of the process for children, also.

Education For Kids On Vacation

Summer vacations can be tricky when you've got little ones.

It's great to spend all that extra time with them, but after days, then weeks, it can be a challenge knowing what to do together, especially on a rainy day.

Instead of sticking them in front of the TV, why not try some games that will help their tiny brains prepare for their return to school?

A mini spelling bee can be great fun, as can math races or playing android Sudoku in pairs.

You can take the kids to the local museum and get them to hunt for exhibits, turning learning into a treasure hunt.

Biology and geography are great topics to keep in mind, too, and picture books of animals and places around the world can be really great fun to read together.

A little bit of school in the vacation can be a fantastic thing - try it!

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