Calaguas Islands, Camarines Norte (Philippines)

Calaguas Islands, Camarines Norte (Philippines)

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"Discover the beauty of your own country."

I muttered to myself after my first travel experience on my own country - the Philippines.

Back then, I was really skeptical about travelling. I always thought it would just be a waste of time, money, and energy. But my perspective about travelling has totally changed when I got to discover and see for myself the beauty and satisfaction travelling will offer.

My first local travel was back in 2015 when my best friend has invited me to do something we haven't done yet. And as an early birthday gift for myself, I agreed. After much thinking of when and where to's, our decision was final - Calaguas Island.

Calaguas Island is located in Camarines Norte of the Bicol Region. An 8 hour ride to reach Daet, Camarines Norte from the city of Manila, plus about an hour boat ride to the serene island. Travelling on water seemed scary to me at first as it was a bumpy ride due to huge waves (well, for me, waves were huge that

The Paracale port seemed to be hidden due to its narrow paths, but as we were going along, the seas welcomed us nicely. And despite of kind of a bumpy ride, I can't help but stand up after seeing the beauty of this island right before my eyes as we were approaching. But I was most especially happy when I got to set my feet on its white, fine sand and cold, crystal clear waters, you don't even need to edit and apply filter.

From this point on, I totally changed my perspective about discovering places and travelling.

We just took all the time savoring the wonders of this island until the sunset.

And the best thing was the night life! Plus all the nice people around us. The Calaguas experience was definitely worth every mile.

Philippines has a lot of amazing beaches to offer - from the most famous to the unpopular ones. What I liked about Calaguas (back then) was the lesser crowd and undeveloped island, meaning there were no hotels and other establishments that will spoil the nature. And that keeps the place serene and clean. I heard that it is quite famous right now and a lot of people are coming these days. I hope that the local government and the locals themselves will do their best to protect the island from destruction. But honestly, discipline is such an amazing attitude. People should have it more often.... or daily. So both the humans and the nature will benefit from each other.

More to learn and discover from you, Philippines. :)

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