3D/2N in Caramoan for only Php 8,000!? (Caramoan, Philippines)

3D/2N in Caramoan for only Php 8,000!? (Caramoan, Philippines)

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After visiting Calaguas, I made a pledge to myself to (have a major) travel at least once every year, get to places I have never been and explore more. I don't want to waste my youth just sitting here and so I really want to enjoy these days while I am still able to do adventurous things.

It started on 2015 when my best friend and I travelled to Calaguas, a serene and virgin island in Bicol Region, particularly settled in Daet, Camarines Norte. There I felt that I needed to grow as a person, and that I needed to explore the beauty of God's creations. There we also met new faces and some of them eventually we became friends with.

On summer of 2016 (yes...this is somehow a late post), my best friend, I, and the rest of the gang (the friends we met during our Calaguas Trip) decided to go to Caramoan - another amazing beauty of the Bicol Region, in Camarines Sur.

We took a DLTB bus from Pasay Terminal at 9:00 PM bound to Naga. It was a long ride indeed, so we packed our tummies full before boarding. We arrived at Naga bus terminal at around 7:00 AM. We had our breakfast in one of the carinderias at the bus terminal and then headed off to the van terminal going to Sabang Port. Travel time to Sabang Port took about 2 hours. 

We arrived at Sabang Port at 10AM. Waited about 45 minutes as the boat to bring us to Caramoan Island is still on its way back. It was summer season that time so the number of people going there is hilarious. Soon, the port was loaded with travellers.

Managed to have some courage to go near the edge of the boat to capture the water dancing below us.

The boat ride from Sabang port to Guijalo Port took exactly 2 hours. The boat ride was a bit bumpy, as waves were already huge that time. The boatmen assured us that it is usually the norm, and that we are safe in their hands. We finally arrived at Guijalo Port at around 12:00 NN. 

When we got our feet on the land, our contact from the resort where we are going to stay, has picked us up through a habal-habal. Unlike the usual habal we know where we only ride at the back of a motorcycle, it was just like a bigger version of tricycle. The very bumpy ride from the port to the resort took 30 minutes. 

We stayed at Breeze and Waves Resort for our 3D/2N Caramoan adventure. We were actually surprised to know that only a few people were checked in amidst the hilarious number of people we encountered at the port. Maybe they checked in to other resort, or some of them were locals. The resort is clean, people were very polite. 

Upon arrival, we were served with a generous lunch. We packed ourselves again with lunch as we prepare for our island hopping. No time wasted!

Below is the list of our itinerary, budget, some photos, and other details that might help you to plan your trip. 😊

Day 1

12:30 PM - Check in time; unpack; lunch and rest
2:00PM    - Island Hopping (Matukad Island, Tayak Beach, Lajos Island)
5:00PM    - Back at the resort; free time
7:00PM    - Dinner

Day 2

7:00AM    - Breakfast 
8:00AM    - Island hopping (Manlawi Island, Gota Island, Cotivas Island), Picture taking
1:00PM    - Lunch at floating cottage at Manlawi Sandbar
2:00PM    - Snorkelling
3:00PM    - Island hopping (Sab-itang Laya, Bag-ing Island), Picture taking
5:00PM    - Back at the resort; free time
7:00PM    - Dinner

Day 3

7:00AM    - Breakfast
8:00AM    - We decided to just rest more instead of going to Gota Village and St. Michael the Archangel Church
9:00AM    - Back to the resort, pack up
10:00AM  - Guijalo Port
12:00NN  - Sabang Port
1:30PM    - Naga Bus Terminal

Lajos Island

Lunch at Floating Cottage at Manlawi Islands. Food was great, plus the spectacular view!

Little crabby at Manlawi! Don't worry, I put him back into the sea :)

The amazing sandbar appeared during our Cotivas Island stop.

We can literally reach that green area by walking, as the sandbar has appeared.


Sab-itang Laya

EXPENSES (Fares and rates may change, so better check out before your trip)

DLTB Bus Manila to Naga - Php 650/head
Breakfast - Php 50
Van to Sabang Port - Php 150/head
Sabang Port to Guijalo Port - Php 120/head
Guijalo Port to Resort - free, ride provided by the resort
3D/2N Resort stay - Php 5,400/head (this includes all meals, private boat transfers during island hopping meaning there are no other joiners on your boat, resort also has a wifi access)

Guijalo Port to Sabang Port - Php 120/head
Sabang Port to Naga Bus Terminal - Php 150/head
Philtranco Bus Naga to Manila Gold Service (this was the only available that time) - Php 750
Food for the long trip, lunch/merienda during stop over - Php 300 (estimated)

Total Expense per head - Php 7,690 (less than Php 8,000 folks!)


**There are many other resorts to choose from and different tour packages that may offer lower rates. In our case, we had private boat for island hopping which was included in the 5,400/head, meaning it is only us 4 and the 2 boatmen on the boat.

 **Traveling in bigger group trims down the cost.

**Pack light. Ask if the resort provides towels and some toiletries.

**Bring your medicine. Be prepared for a long, winding, ride -- bus and boat rides. It took us about 15-17 hours from Manila to the resort.

**Bring insect repellant. Insects are active there at night. 

**Be early and polite. People there are punctual and very humble. 

**Clean as you go. Show them good manners. :)

**If you don't want to experience heavy crowd, avoid peak season. Try going there the last 2 weeks of February and last 2 weeks of May. Avoid the Holy Week. Also check for the local weather.


I linked the bus schedules and the rates that go Manila to Naga (and vice versa) for your reference :)


I also linked more intricate details on how to get to Caramoan here.


You can also check out my short Caramoan video in this blog post. Click HD and full screen for better quality.

Thanks, Caramoan.

More to learn and discover from you, Philippines!

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