Benefits of Living Near Parks in the USA

Benefits of Living Near Parks in the USA

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Living surrounded by nature is the most organic and authentic life for humans. However, it is estimated that around 83% of the U.S. population lives in the city, surrounded by concrete, tall buildings instead of trees and pavement instead of grass. This piece of statistics won’t change for the better overnight, but you can move to a spot near a city park to get your daily dose of nature. Here are other benefits of living near a park: 

It’s great for your mental health
According to studies, living near greenery can beneficially impact your mental health. The human brain loves the color green and it can awaken great relaxation, stress relief and focus. That’s why visiting parks is a crucial part of self-care. 

It cleans out the air
Urban planners have long known the importance of parks for cities, so many good ones insist on giving people their little slice of nature to enjoy near their homes. Since trees and other plants often found in parks use the abundant carbon dioxide and turn it into clean oxygen, it’s easy to see why parks are crucial for a healthy life. Without natural areas (parks included), we wouldn’t have any life. Parks can provide the neighborhood with fresh air, but also reduce the urban heat island effect, making the city much more pleasant for life. 

It’s great for children
Children in development, especially those just starting to learn about the world around us and all the people, plants and animals in it, need to have a park near home. If you decide to move to an area with plenty of park access like Brownsville, you’ll see that many Brownsville apartments are located right next to city parks. That’s not all—this area is also located right next to national parks with hiking trails and direct contact with deep nature. Plus the apartments are wonderful! This location gives kids access to all sorts of safe outdoor activities, allowing them to explore, learn, run, soak up the sun and enjoy time off their devices. According to research, kids can greatly benefit from parks, including behavioral improvements, attention boost, a decrease in depression and better social interaction among children. 

You get access to cheap fitness
Do you want to live a more fit life but don’t want to waste money and time on stuffy gyms? If you live near a park, you’ll get access to an awesome outdoor gym. Seeing greenery outside your home will motivate you to get out, take a walk, run with your kids and dogs, jog around the pretty landscapes and do some exercises in the park gym. Parks have better views, fun active people and challenging trails for walkers, joggers and cyclists. A daily visit to the park will make you feel healthy and look fit, all that for free. 

It builds community
When you have a public park near your home, you can run into all sorts of amazing people from your community and develop a worthy network of neighbors. Since there’s no invitation needed for the park, people come and go, engage in fun activities and feel free to talk to you. As you continue your visit, you’ll start seeing the same faces, develop friendships, provide your kids with new friends and maybe even gain family friends for life. 

It brings great ROI
Living near a park also has great financial benefits and return on investment. If you ever decide to sell your property or rent it out, you can achieve a great price because such locations are very attractive to people, especially growing families or newly-retired people. Expect your property to increase in value steadily! 

Now that you’re convinced to move near a park, it’s time to go looking for great apartments. Your quality of life will rise significantly and you’ll be a much healthier and happier family.

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