A Business Trip To The Taj Mahal From Delhi

A Business Trip To The Taj Mahal From Delhi

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I came to Delhi for a business trip to meet my clients. It was a one day trip with a long day full of meetings but everything got changed once I landed in Delhi. I received a call that the client will not be coming for the meeting as they got stuck in a very big problem. So I had nothing to do now. It was not possible for me to return back as my flight was for the next day evening and was not getting the flight ticket for the same day. The manager of my company was also with me. We were confused now what to do.

We have come many a time to Delhi for the meetings so to some extent we have seen the city except some parts of the city. We decided to go and visit that leftover places in this free time. The places that left were two or three.  We thought that even after visiting these places will be left.

We then decided to the go the nearby place of Delhi which is the beautiful City of Love. We thought to take the Agra day tour packages. We discussed the places which we have not visited in Delhi till now with the tours and traveler company people they advised me an option to go for Agra day tour packages.

According to his plan, we would take us to the places of Delhi which we did not visit till date and then we will proceed to Agra. After the journey of Delhi for four hours, we left for Agra. After the journey of four hours, we reached Agra and directly proceeded to the famous Mughal Monument, the Tajmahal. The time we reached the monument it was crowded but still, we did not back off and entered.  Though we knew most of the thing about the Tajmahal we took a guide. As we were going inside I was looking at the structure of the monument.

It was made up of white sparkling marbles which was giving it a sparkling effect. Wow, what a view it was. The guide that we took with us was very efficient. He showed us all the courts and rooms that were inside the Tajmahal. The rooms were beautifully designed. He shared with us a  very interesting information that the Tajmahal is a mausoleum and what is beneath it. He said that it was built by Shahjahan in the loving memory of his youngest wife who died while giving birth to his fourteenth child and the body of his wife is cremated under this monument. We were surprised. We can see the place from above but cannot enter in that room.

Spending the time at Tajmahal was very nice but on this journey, we did not aware of the time and we landed at the end of the day. There was no chance for us to go anywhere else. Our day ended with the Agra day tour packages and then we had to return back as we have to catch the flight the next day.

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