Rest when tired, don’t quit

Rest when tired, don’t quit

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Three years now since I started my firsf signature pose. Recently, I travelled back in my hometown to celebrate my mom’s birthday- since I was away for more than three years now. Never did I know that I will got another signature pose. 

Whenever I travel I used to have my signature pose-It is lying at the center of the road, Kinda unique, Isn’t it? Hah!.  I add new props recently, my 5 year old Mio Sporty Black. We had a hard time to traffic cars and other vehicle to get the shot I wanted. I was so happy that I did it, I just wanna give thanks to my supportive friends Grace Montiel and Carlo Mendoza who became traffic enforcer and my photographer during that time. It was taken last August 31, 2018 in Puerto Princesa City Palawan, PH 5300. I am hoping for more signature pose like this. Awesome! 😅

I just had a realization and a lesson recently that when you are tired, do not simply quit! Just take a rest. The world is full of disappointments, rejection, failure and unacceptable things. But when you are in the situation of this, You will need to stop for a while, ask and evaluate yourself- Am I still doing the right thing? Did I do anything wrong? Am I not good enough? Am I not competitive? Then soon you will think of quiting. But if you manage your anger and your situation right, definitely everything will follow right just for you. Just be the most positive person you can be in every situation and in every scenario of your life-everyday! You all need is a decision in doing it! Stop for a while, Evaluate and try to change something for positive result. Don’t let be so affected with what’s going on in life.

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memtintinay travel blog images

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