Cell phone jammers are a well-known means of preventing cheating

Cell phone jammers are a well-known means of preventing cheating

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In today's life, 4G network and WIFI have become indispensable things in life. All mobile phones and computers must go through this channel if they want to connect to the Internet. It can be said that without 4G and WIFI, mobile phones and computers will be gone. The ability to contact the outside world, but also 4G and WIFI give us too much convenience, some people try to use this convenience to choose to cheat in the examination room, then as a specially developed 4G jammer to counteract these cheating using communication equipment Can it effectively isolate 4G signal and WIFI signal?

The college entrance examination is coming soon. I believe that many candidates are working hard to review and prepare for the college entrance examination, and the school is also actively preparing for the personnel arrangement and equipment preparation of the examination room. Among them, the most concerned is the signal jammer, which is a This kind of equipment is used as a means of counteracting the electronic signal cheating that appears in the examination. It can be a good helper to maintain the stable order in the examination room and protect the interests of the majority of candidates. Nowadays, many people want to use communication equipment to cheat, and major schools are also trying to prevent this phenomenon. Today's signal jammers have become a trend in major schools.

Signal jammers keep exams fair

In life, the college entrance examination is a very important node. It represents an important test for countless candidates to prove themselves. However, in such a sacred college entrance examination, there have been many cheating phenomena in recent years. Candidates who have achieved high scores without working hard will cheat in the examination room by purchasing some communication equipment for cheating. Facing the frequent occurrence of cheating in the examination room, a device called a mobile cell phone jammer has also emerged as the times require. The equipment that effectively eliminates cheating in the examination room has now been vigorously promoted in the examination room as a means of anti-cheating.

Now many schools will install WiFi signal jammers in the examination room to maintain the fairness and justice of the examination room. However, due to the limited signal shielding range of the wifi jammer in the exam rooms, the school is worried that the funds will not be enough. So, is it expensive to install a signal jammer in the exam room? According to the person in charge of the company, the market for WiFi signal jammers in the exam room is still relatively hot in recent years. But just because the market is hot, the quality on the market varies greatly.

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