How to download and install Microsoft 365 for Windows computers

How to download and install Microsoft 365 for Windows computers

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Microsoft 365, a subscription service, provides Office 2019 desktop apps (including Word Excel PowerPoint), as well as Office Online web app. This article explains how to sign up for the service and install the applications on your computer. This guideline is applicable to Microsoft 365 Home on Windows 10 devices.

Now, offers a subscription service to allow users to use various desktop applications. Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are among the most well-known applications. These applications have become a part of our daily lives, and we'd like to be able to download them onto our PCs for personal and professional use.

In this blog, we shall discuss how to install applications on your desktop and run the apps locally. The first step involves the initial sign-in process and the purchase of the Microsoft Office subscription. The next step is installing. The final and last step is activating Microsoft Office applications and using the applications from your computer.

Microsoft 365 installed on Windows PC

The very first step in trying to install, reinstall or repair Office 365 on Windows PC is to associate with a Microsoft account. If you already have an Office account linked to your Microsoft account, you're ready to download Office for the first time, reinstall Office or even install Office on another PC.

The second step involves installing Office. Microsoft allows Office 365 Home users the option of installing Office on up five computers. This leaves some scope for sharing your other four installs with family members or friends. It is not necessary to create an additional Microsoft accounts.

You can download Office 365 by signing in to My Office Account and selecting Install. You may be asked for information like email address and password to the Office copy.

Click on the Install Information tab to select the option to install. The default option will install 32-bit Office on your computer using the language that you selected when purchasing the product. If you want to install the 64-bit version, switch your language or select alternative options, refer to the section below, Custom install options.

Log into email by using a browser
Click on the nine dots in the upper left corner.
Click here to open Office 365.
Click Install Office in the upper right-hand corner.
Choose Office 365 apps
The download will begin immediately. To install Office you need to click on the Microsoft Office Package. This will bring up the following screen. The installation will then be completed. After it is complete, you will be required to activate the program.
Log in using your NetID Password and Patriot Pass password. Once you have followed the instructions, Microsoft Office can be installed on your computer.
How to prepare for Office 365 Mac and PC installation

Before you begin, be sure that your Mac/PC is compatible with the requirements of your system.

Do you have a Microsoft Account? All versions of Office 365 require it, and you can set one up using an email address that you already use.

If you're installing Office for the first time, there could be additional steps you need to follow before getting up and running. You can take the following steps:

If you have an Office for Home subscription, you'll require a product key. Sign in to your Microsoft Account to redeem it.
You can't install desktop apps within Office for Business plans unless you've been given an authorization.
You may run into some other issues if you got through a third-party vendor, a company benefit program, or if your IT department uses different methods for their volume license version. Help is available for those and other issues with your Office 365 install here.

Once you're all set by following these steps to install your system, you should be good to start.

Office 365

Office 365 subscriptions are a great way for workplaces and higher education to give access to Office applications for employees and students on a variety if devices and via a browser. Installing the software on your new computer either for work or personal usage, requires only a few steps because the subscription is billed on a regular basis through monthly or annual payments.

Log into to download the programs. Once the download is completed, click on the downloads folder on your computer to start the installer. When prompted, log into your Office 365 account. Make use of OneDrive when you have an Office 365 subscription. Open the OneDrive application and then select the "Syncbutton" in the toolbar. This will ensure all your files remain available on your new device.

Installs using the Product key

Microsoft Office products purchased at retail stores or online will include the product key. The key is either an email or a card. The key is used to activate programs via the Office website at If you wish to move an existing program suite from one computer to another, sign into the Microsoft account you set up after activating the program. If you install Office 2016 or higher, they'll remain linked to your Microsoft account.

Download the Office programs through your account. Next, run the installation instructions. This requires that you input your username, password and a validation check. Then, you can access your computer online or offline. As certain versions of Office permit only limited installation and use, it is recommended to uninstall the older version of Office prior to starting a new one.

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