Seeing the World: Things First-Time Tourists Should Know About International Travels

Seeing the World: Things First-Time Tourists Should Know About International Travels

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"My feeling about seeing the world is that it is going to change you necessarily, just the very fact of being out there and meeting people from different cultures and different ways of life." -Ewan McGregor

Traveling and seeing new places has always been regarded as one of the excellent avenues of discovering one's place in the world.

It is a pivotal event in your life that changes the way you see the world and allows you to explore dormant abilities that you may never had the chance to discover about yourself before. In this regard, travel is essential insomuch that it encourages growth and maturity in us and would also cultivate our knowledge about other cultures and the world as a whole. However, while globetrotting in itself might be an exciting prospect, there is always that great thrill associated in finally deciding to take your first international trip that would be absent in all of your succeeding trips. Unfortunately, novice travelers can often find themselves at the wrong end of the travel trail and may often have travel snags on their trip that could have been easily avoided had they armed themselves with adequate and proper information.

While these are not necessarily major enough to warrant an extreme cause of travel distress, they are significant enough to put a damper on what would have otherwise been an enjoyable vacation. In any case, if you are planning on an international excursion any time soon, here are some things you might want to know:

1.) Many international airports are massive. Plan accordingly

Much like how you can get lost in a city that you are familiar in (like needing a Makati map to get around the city), some airports can be overwhelmingly big insomuch that getting lost is fairly a regular occurrence. You would see rows upon rows of terminals and thickets of people jostling together that it can overall look very confusing. To ensure that you can expedite the process of checking-in yourself and your bags as well as to have extra time to locate the proper airport should you get lost, plan accordingly and have at least two hours for international connections.

2.) Learn the basics

You do not need to fluently speak the dialect of your destination, however, it would be advisable to pick up a few key phrases in their dialect to ensure that you would be on the same page whenever you might buying something or asking for directions. Similarly, knowing the currency exchange rate is a critical aspect of travel. Having an idea of what the current exchange rate is would help you stay in budget. Incidentally, it would also mitigate the chances of you getting scammed. Remember, tourists are prime targets for scammers and price gougers. In this regard, knowing the cost of something in your own currency will help save you from overspending simply because you do not understand the real cost and price.

3.) Try the more adventurous things when you already have bearings

Upon your arrival, you will be very much susceptible to a myriad of errors coupled with a few bad choices. In this regard, first-time travelers should consider taking the conventional service that are less adventurous. This means taking the official but slow shuttle the hotel has provided. While a taxi might be a lot speedier, it can often result to paying a hefty and overpriced fare. When you have gotten your bearings and slept off the last vestiges of the jet lag, you are less disoriented and would be able to make better choices. Now, you can get back to your adventurous self and look for ways to familiarize yourself with the new city.

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alicemolina006 travel blog images

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