New developments in anti-drone technology

New developments in anti-drone technology

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Drone gun jammer - new anti-drone countermeasures
Soft kill means a drone jammer can intercept an enemy drone without resorting to a “hard kill” — in other words shooting it down. The Drone Gun Jammer can disable any RC copter, drone or other airborne 'bot by sending out a range of jammer frequencies from up to .6 miles away.

This includes the complete countermeasures development cycle from analysing threat systems, to developing jammer techniques, and finally confirming their effectiveness. EA in communications, radar, and infrared systems will be explored in detail.

Eager to test its Mi-8 electronic warfare variants, the Soviet Union subsequently deployed up to eight Mi-8PPAs, Mi-8MTP/Us and Mi-8SMVs to Syria, where they were based at T4 airbase with regular detachments to Mezze airbase, located closer to the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. These helicopters were tasked with jamming the guidance radars of enemy surface-to-air missile systems (SAMs), and might have been pitted against Israeli MIM-23 'Hawk' SAM sites during peacetime before they returned to the Soviet Union at the end of the eighties, ultimately ending up in a helicopter boneyard.

While the tasks of the aforementioned helicopters are relatively straightforward, the SyAAF also operates at least two Mi-17s airborne jamming platforms for the jamming of enemy air defence radars. First seen during a large-scale Syrian Arab Air Force exercise in July 2012, the first type was seen equipped with two oddly shaped containers installed on either side of the fuselage. While the exact purpose of these containers remain unknown, it is now believed that they are part of the North Korean TACAN electronic jamming system installed onboard at least one SyAAF Mi-17.

Cell phone signal jammer plays a huge role in the battlefield
Two recently departed commanders of coalition forces in Iraq and Syria say that the biggest takeaways from the fight are how badly the coalition was outplayed in the global battle to control the narrative. The Russians also jammed US communications in the warzone itself — and all these complex threats are emblematic of future wars to come.

One former officer who was involved in the OIR mission told me that US pilots were “painted” by Syrian radar on a daily basis. They often had to contend not only with electromagnetic wifi jammer but the constant physical presence of Russian and Syrian aircraft operating close by.


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